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  1. I’m not familiar with the Knauf’s. Do they do good work? Any of you folks think this is going to be really good?

  2. @Neal:


    Since Carnivàle was cancelled in 2005, Knauf has moved on to write for television series Supernatural and Standoff, also serving as a co-executive producer on the latter. He and his son Charles Knauf have written six issues of Iron Man for Marvel Comics,[6] as well as volume #2 of The Eternals since its 2006 revival after over thirty years.[7] – Wikipedia

     ergo: I wouldn’t get my hopes up


  3. @Neal  Their ‘Iron Man’ has been decent (Josh & Conor have talked about it on the show).  I don’t have a clue how they’ll handle this subject matter, but I liked the Gaiman series enough to give issue 1 a whirl.

    Plus, I heard a rumor the team from ‘The Order’ is making a cameo at some point.  Which is exciting to — well, me and possibly Matt Fraction.

  4. I’m interested, I like the Eternals, but I’m really hesitant to be picking up another book right now.

  5. I love this guys art style

  6. Overall okay… the art was pretty good, but nothing really happened.  It seemed really touch-and-go, however, it’s only the first issue.

  7. coming from a guy who had never previously read any eternals before… i really liked it.

  8. I had never read the original Kirby just finished the Gaiman reboot and am very interested to see how the Knauf’s do with this series.

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