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I never read Jack Kirby’s Eternals.  I started with vol. 3, the Neil Gaiman mini-series.  As someone in the comments said, this new on-going (vol. 4) picks up where the mini left of.
The Backstory:  is that the Eternals, guardians of humanity left on Earth by the Celestials, have been put into a dream state by a selfish Eternal, Sprite (now dead/deactivated), where they believe they are normal everyday humans.  There are a half dozen or so “awakened eternals” at the end of vol. 3, and already there is a power struggle.

Breif Synopsis:  Druig is bent on being named the Prime Eternal (or some name like that).  His plan is to find and brainwash as many sleeping Eternals as he can.  Of course, the good guys are racing to re-awaken them first to restore their true identity (and free will).  The end of the previous mini-series also left the Eternal Makkari in new territory.  He has somehow fulfilled some prophecied role with the 1 Celestial left on Earth.  And lastly, we’re alerted to even larger looming threats.

My 2cents:  I’m not really familiar with anyone on this creative team and picked this up purely from leftover curiosity from the previous series.  I liked the uniqueness (at least to me) of the supra-techno nature of the Celestials and Eternals.  The story had typical elements of a first issue that wants to familiarize you with several (possibly new) characters and multiple plot threads.  I really fell into the story about Ikaris, Thena, and their roadtrip scavenger hunt for Eternals and think it has vast potential, but this was no pure excitement page turner (and thus no 5).  I think the art is outstanding.  It seems like a realism based, water-color style painting (but what do I know). What I can say is that the faces are so incredibly emotive, that I was drawn into staring at some of them for some time.  They were Steve Dillon-esque in the way that their expressions said more that any font or boldness of text could have.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I liked this a lot more than I expected to — I’ve also only read the Gaiman series, and story points from that stuck in my head more than I thought they would.  I really only bought this from curiosity in a slow week, but I’ll at least stick with the next issue or two.

  2. I liked the series that Gaiman, and like you guys, have no real background with the characters.  I didn’t pick this up though because I’m not that huge of a fan of Acuna’s art.  Glad to hear it was good though.

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