The Marvel Universe Starts Here! Five killer creative teams present the dawning of five all-HEROIC ongoing series. Who will answer the call to rise up and defend the world? The answers are in these pages exclusively! You can’t miss this first look at these new series that’ll have everyone buzzing.

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christos Gage, Jim McCann & Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Gabriel Hardman, David Lopez, Mike McKone & Kev Walker
INKS: Alvaro Lopez & Mike McKone
COVER BY: Bryan Hitch

Price: $3.99
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  1. I am tempted to buy the Mockingbird/Hawkeye ongoing. I liked the art and I liked the mini that came out last year.

  2. I saw Hawkeye and my first thought was – "I guess Bullseye’s in this…"  lol

  3. are these just preivews of other series, cause if so i’m just gonna skip it. i’m already buying hawkeye and mockingbird and thunderbolts. i don’t need to read the first few pages of them early

  4. it’s probably like the Dark Reign issue where it’s previews, but exclusive stories, not just the first few pages of first issues.

  5. Has anybody figured out yet if this is just material that will be reprinted in the ongoing series?

  6. its original stories

  7. It’s brand new stories that won’t be reprinted until the collections.  They set up the ongoings (although each first issue is a "clean" opening), and seed plot points to come.

    Hope you enjoy it & thanks everyone for your support!

    – Jim

    PS- I’m never drunk or on drugs during podcasts or interviews, just REALLY excitable…and Ron & Josh are like interview catnip.

  8. The Thunderbolts story was pretty good, the rest were a bit blah. 

  9. Enjoyed 3 out of 5.  The Avengers Academy and Black Widow were just too incomplete.  Felt like an ad.  That Thunderbolts story story, though, has singlehandedly convinced me to buy the series! And of course, Mr. McCann, that Hawkeye/Mockingbird book is a sure thing!

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