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  1. what a sexy, fun time you’ll have

  2. Fans of Blackest Night and X-Necrosha, take note! A superhero mausoleum is violently desecrated IN THIS ISSUE!!!

  3. Adam Warren draws the best behinds ever!

  4. Cannot wait for this book! Everyone should check it out.

  5. Buy it. 

    Buy Two.

    Put that 3.99 you’re planning on dropping for yet another Blackest Night tie-in (ooooo, two Flashes versus some zombie "Rogues." I’m sooooooo stoked. Feh. C’mon, you already know who’s gonna win that match up.) and support one of the hardest working, funniest, and more original talents in the industry, Mr. Adam Warren.


  6. @francisco: i hate to say this and please don’t tell my mum but… yes

  7. This was my first ever exposure to empowered and I really enjoyed it! I will definitely be picking up the volumes when I can.

  8. @Francisco: AND the best lips, imo.

    This was great. Empowered is officially on my to-buy list. I hadn’t read an Adam Warren comic in ten years. It’s been too long.

  9. Shithouse Rat is the sensational character find of 2009!

    @DMaggot & flapjaxx: I’m glad you guys tried out this Empowered one-shot and dug it! If you liked this brief little taste of Empowered’s world then you’re in for a real treat because there’s a whole lot more where that came from in the five volumes published so far! It’s smart, sexy, sweet, fun and funny. Empowered is easily my very favorite superhero comic currently being published!

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