The things that divide us are stronger than the things that unite us. A Sci-Fi Western set in a dystopian America where all hope for the future rests in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…who just happen to be trying to kill the President of the United States.

One of the most exciting new books of the year, this is EAST OF WEST, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the award-winning team of Marvel’s FF, JONATHAN HICKMAN and NICK DRAGOTTA.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 60.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Reeeeally psyched about this!

  2. this looks cool from preview, worth a try I think.

  3. I love the idea/concept on this series, already pre-ordered the first four issues especially with the winning formula working on it!

    Also it’s post apocalyptic & I am seriously hoping everyone in it is gonna be bad.

  4. Easily could get pick of the week. Hickman is a beast. Really wish more issues of Secret would come out.

    • Do want more Secret, although I realize the guy is very busy right now with higher priority projects.

    • Sorry to break it to you, but on a recent Word Balloon, Hickman has said that Secret is pretty much dead. He didn’t sound even a little optimistic about it returning any time in the foreseeable future.

    • He recently did a AMA on reddit – and said something along the lines that he hated to get people riled up again but he actually thinks it may not be dead after all – at the very least a 3rd issue would come out. I read in another interview somewhere that he was hoping to at least a 3rd issue out to deliver what was done, and explain some stuff about what he wanted from the series, etc.

      I’ve gotten the impression that it’s not exactly Hickman’s fault that Secret hasn’t continued but I’ve never seen him throw the artist under the bus either …so…

  5. I really want to pick this up, but I think I’ll wait for the trade. Been getting a lot of books lately and I need to start cutting down.

  6. Hope this is as good as Hex …


    By the way … I was the one person in 1985 that liked this book.

  7. Anybody know if this is a pre-determined mini-series or an ongoing? Thanks.

  8. never heard of it? BUT with the buzz yall got going, for 3.50 I’ m gone check it out. Thanks for giving me a book to look forward to.

    • I knew this place was gonna go crazy for it. They seem to love Hickman here.

      I’ve only read a little of his work, but I thought this book looked pretty cool. Of course, my store is terrible with Image comics, even if I put them on my pull list sometime, so I probably won’t see this in store.

  9. I pre-ordered 2 copies, since I don’t want to miss out.

  10. I’ve been psyched for this since I heard about it. Hickman, with Dragotta who made me a big time fan with his work on FF.

  11. Not a Hickman fan, but I’ll give him another shot. This sounds right up my ally.
    Manhattan Project came close to winning me over. In the end, it didn’t do it for me.

  12. Strange premise.
    Interesting characters.
    Great Artist.

    Yup, this is a #1 issue by Hickman all right.

  13. On the fence about picking this up. Might do it with investment potential.

    I’m tired of being confused and feeling dumb after trying to read a hickman book.

    Manhattan started really good and then just sputtered off into wtf did I just read in typical Hickman fashion. Most likely going to drop Avengers/New Avengers as well. just too out there for me.

  14. Sci-Fi western? Take my love… take my land…

  15. this was pretty heady. no idea where it might go. a lot of interesting things and cool moments but i think i might enjoy this more in trade. the art is pretty solid save for a few rougher panels.

  16. At this point it’s like we’re getting a new Hickman book every week. That’s perfect by me. I might as well drop everything else, ha ha.

  17. 5/5 The sci-fi western setting is right up my alley. The world with its alternate history is damn interesting. The look and the characterization of The Horsemen really cool. How could I not love it!

  18. we are getting spoiled at the moment. saga, the private eye and now this. last few months have been great!

  19. My local comic book shop didn’t order enough :(((

    Had to grab a copy on ebay for 10$…

    Having to wait for it is the worst part lol.

  20. A nice start, the surprise is that this is actually Nick Dragotta. I like it, but this definitely has a different look than his Marvel work.

  21. Loved this!

    Agree with you J-Nel – definitely a new direction for Dragotta.

  22. Awesome start. Loved it.

  23. I think I’m gonna have to get this digitally since my LCS sold out of it less than an hour after opening this morning.

  24. Good lord this was amazing.

    I have NO IDEA what is going on but Hickman did such an amazing job with world building. This is a great, alternate world he has created and it is filled with a bevy of quirky characters. I get an idea on what the story is but for the most part this issue is about introducing great characters and Hickman delivered. Just a great amount of action, humor, and history mixed in as usual with a Hickman book.

    Then you have the art by Nick Dragotta and Frank Martin. First off, Martin’s colors were FANTASTIC. If you loved his work on Avengers you’ll see more of the same here. Great use of reds and blues in this especially with the skyline. Gives the Western vibe that Hickman was going for in the story. I only know Dragotta from FF so I was expecting more of the same, 60s style pencils. But this was so vastly different from FF I didn’t know if it was the same artist. You see his style but he mixes a bit of Stuart Immonen in these figures as well. Just really fantastic work by these two.

    Loved every second of this first issue. Again, no idea what the hell is going on but with such great artwork/character building I don’t really care. Not sure if this will be as funny or outrageous as Manhattan Projects but it’s just as good as a debut as that series.

    5/5 (POTW)

  25. Hate the jump on the bandwagon, but DAMN this was fantastic. Great story, great world, amazing art. This has it all. Definite contender for POTW. Gotta reread Time Warp and see which one takes the prize.

  26. We’re seeing books, primarily from writers such as Hickman, Vaughn, Cullen Bunn, Ed Brubaker, and others where a reader is unapologetically thrust into worlds where pre-established character conflict and built worlds exist and we couldn’t be more fortunate.

    East of West is absolutely no different and I am quite happy that books like this exist. Superheroes will always be the meat and potatoes of comic books, but finess is now in the indie comics and it is wonderful. This book should be sold out everywhere because if it didn’t sell out in an hour in each LCS, it would have sold out by the end of the day due to word of mouth.

    If you’re not reading this, digital download it, love it, save some cash, buy a first printing, hug your mother, and buckle up because this book is going to ruin minds.

  27. Excellent! Beautiful to look at, awesome world, cool characters, deep back-story. I was excited to see Frank Martin’s name on this book. I really hope this series pans out.

  28. This was pretty slick as expected, and I’m happy to have more Dragotta art. CALL OUT MY NAME!!!

  29. first of all I have to say this comic is just together beautifully. The story starts off with alot of questions, like what time or dimension are we in here (which is answered on a plain white page right around the middle of the book), or who the hell are these people, but the last page answers that too. This is an amazing comic book. and i cant wait for the next.

  30. WOW! That is all 🙂

  31. At first this was confusing, then boring, then pretty cool, then confusing again. I’m certainly not feeling the love a lot of people here are – it was a little too obscure and vague for me. I was worried at first I was gonna end up hating it, but it picked up steam and got more fun. But it would have been better for me if it was little less artsy and pretentious.

    So I have mixed feelings about it, that’s why I gave it a 3.

    • Just cause somethings a little different, doesn’t make it artsy and pretentious. It’s ambitious and that another thing all together, something we need a lot more of in modern comics.

    • Artsy and pretentious or ambitious? You say tomayto, I say tomahto.

      It’s probably a little bit of both – or they are one and the same.

      I agree completely about the value of different comics – I love how much cool stuff Image is putting out – it feels fresh and fun. But this book might not be for me.

      I knew this place would love this book, though. The taste here seems to be a little bit – shall we say ambitious?

    • I’ve never heard anyone say tomahto…

    • I feel your sentiment. It was a great read, but… maybe I’m archaic…. I’d like to have SOME idea about what I just read.

      For that reason, I was kinder and gave it a 4.

      Intiguing isn’t enough for me to bust out a 5…

    • @bcdx97: if you think the taste and the people here are arty and pretentious why do you spend time here? There are a lot of comic sites out there.

    • Sometimes I wonder. But just because a lot of people here think that Hickman’s books and Sean Murphy’s comics are God’s gifts to readers, and they leave me cold, doesn’t mean I hate this place or anything. It’s just a little artsy fartsy. I’m not the only one here who thinks this book is a bit overrated by others.

      And what other site has a sweet ass pull list like this place?

    • Very true, the pull list is a GREAT feature. Allows for great discussions on specific comics.

      Also, I agree about Sean Murphy, not my cup of tea either. To each their own I guess. I actually think the ifanboy’s and the ifancommunity are pretty well rounded. Sure tons of us like Hickman and the avant style creator owned stuff but there is a lot of love to traditional super-here stuff here too!

  32. Really enjoyed this & love the whole set-up, another winner from Mr. Hickman!

  33. Interesting. Goes a bit too dark for my taste… but I’ll be reading the next issue.

  34. Any word on how long the first arc is gonna be?

  35. I liked this, but I’m not sure these horsemen are going to work for me as protagonists which seems to be the thing (hard to say though, there were a lot of overlapping stories). I don’t relate to them at all is the main thing, or more precisely I don’t care about what happens to them, they’re kind of unappealing. Obviously a lot of comic heroes I can’t really relate to, but I guess I need some shred of humanity or something. Still there’s definitely enough promising elements that I’ll give Hickman a while to reel me in.

  36. I just got back from Wondercon and got this for $12. I would never spend this much on a modern single issue, but Nick Dragotta was there and said he would do a free sketch for anyone who purchased it. He thought the price was too expensive and tried to lessen the blow. He’s a really nice guy too.

  37. I don’t see what the big deal is. I gave this a solid 3. It’s good and has potential, but it didn’t punch me in the face like Saga #1 did. I’ll give it a few more issues to get it together.

  38. Awesome setup in the first issue, I’m very interested to see where Hickman takes it from here.

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