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DYNAMO 5 #18

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DoctorColossus11/21/08NoRead Review


  1. Dynamo 5 is a really fun book with a great concept. If you have a title you are not enjoying, pick this title up and smile.

  2. fo sho!!  This is a great book in every possible way.  Support the indy super hero books!!

  3. @SuperMoore – I did that exact thing 3 issues ago. Dropped a couple of titles I wasn’t digging anymore, grabbed the trades of Dynamo and jumped on. Best thing I could’ve done, this book is so much fun!

    People, buy this book!

  4. the above three people are not lying – this is comic book FUN at it’s best

  5. am i supposed to know who the chick with purple hair is? i mean, i know she’s the ring leader of all the baddies from earlier in the iss. but is she a character from an earlier story line or from another book? 

  6. @jesseg


    SPOILER – her name is Widowmaker and she killed Captain Dynamo  

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