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DYNAMO 5 #16

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  1. New Dynamo 5?  Good jumping on point?

  2. nah, this is not a good jump on point.  I would suggest two issues ago, #13.  Definetly worth checking out.  Or pick up the first trade, only 10 bucks! 

  3.  @ Doski: 

    i wholeheartedly disagree with Drake…

    Jay Faerber has so far created an extremely accessible series. While there are beats to the series that hit at the point where a new trade begins (in the most recent case #13), Dynamo 5 carries a more old school continuous / interlocking story vibe when read in the single issues.

    I don’t believe there has been an issue so far that you couldn’t jump right into and understand what’s going on and would really advise you to JUMP ON NOW because Faerber and Asrar have one hell of a book.  

  4. ehh….I dont know man.  No issue at all that you couldn’t jump right into???  I call tomfoolery on that one.  Any of the penultimate issues of the first two arcs are prime examples.  You can’t jump into the end of a story and expect it to be accessible, thats just silly talk.

    Of course they are crafting a good book, but that doesn’t mean you can just jump on in ANY issue and completely understand it.  In fact, if you jump in during the middle of an arc you might feel lost and actually not be as interested in the book as  you would be if you picked up the first issue of an arc.  And considering the Dynamo 5 team in the next issue is not the real Dynamo 5, you won’t even be introduced to the whole crew.  Thats why, for the sake of learning who Dynamo 5 are, you should indeed pick up the first arc to get introduced to the characters and see if you enoy them and want to learn more.  I am all for new readers picking up this great book, but I want them to pick it up and add it to their pile.  And the best way for that to happen, is to pick up the first trade.

     Your move NodNolan 🙂

  5. I’m jumping on this month for the first time, but I’m also gonna get back issues and trades. It’s been a book I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while but never got round to it. Now that Noble Causes is ending though, I’m in for the long haul. 🙂

  6. c’mon drake

     you’re thinking of comics in the terms of the Bendis way of doing things…. Dynamo 5 isn’t written for the trade it’s written for the comic and packaged in trade later…

    Take Dynamo 5 #15 as an example, Scrap, Vigil, Deadweight, Radia, Breakwater all introduced well in the first pages, interwoven into the dialogue without any clunkiness. same with Blast Furnace and Rapier later on…

    explanations were dotted throughout the issue and absolutely no prior reading was required.

    Dynamo 5 is a comic with old school sensabilities done in a modern, enthralling way.

    Join in with this weeks issue #16….  


  7. I have to agree with Nod on this one – I think this is actually a really good jumping on point because Faerber has made this series very simplistic (and that is not a slam) in the way he ties it all together and continues to reintroduce every character every issue.  I do not think of Dynamo 5 in the way of a trade the way I do Casanova or Bomb Queen but rather just a collection of stories.

    Dynamo 5 is the X-Men for a new generation and now is a perfect time to take the leap of faith and trust in this book…. you deserve a little D5 in your diet 🙂

  8. Eh…I still don’t fully agree with you guys.  I still think at the very least issue #13, to see all of the Dynamo 5 together and get a feel for their interactions together, the roll each member plays, etc.  But I have been outvoted, #16 it is.


    BTW, low blow with that Bendis comment NodNolan…low blow indeed 🙁 

  9. I wish we could go back to the days where people didn’t worry about where to start….

    pick up a comic, dive in, get a vibe for the book and continue from there…. 

  10. I’m still glad I dropped this book…

  11. @ GungaDin

    you sound like you’re trying to convince yourself you did the right thing….. I hate to tell you this, but it’s only go better since you dropped it.

  12. @NodNolan You don’t even know when I dropped it!!! =p

  13. @GungaDin

     Don’t mind NodNolan, he is just being a grouchy fanboy 😛

  14. @ GungaDin….

    simple maths…. it’s got better every issue so far, therefore it must be btter than when you dropped it ;D

    @ Drake

    grouchy, nah….. wishing to see D5 climb in the diamond charts, yep.

  15. @NodNolan I dropped after issue 12. It was the big argument over what’s-his-face being an alien. It was so ridiculous I dropped it. I just don’t care about this book at all.

  16. Dynamo 5 til I die!  Dynamo 5 look alive!

  17. yeah… the argument about Mr. Faceless being an alien seemed ridiculous to me, I still like the book though. Although I can totally understand why someone would drop it after that point (there were parts of that arc that bugged me too, but that’s another story)

  18. Alien face was a very cool surprise to me.

    I’m really digging this book. Fun superheroing. As someone who never really took with "decompressed" storeis, I really appreciate titles such as this.

  19. @deezer The funny thing? Like, it was really good a third of the time. I just find the characters so cliche and the interactions so forced and awful… The issue where they had that fight was fantastic! But then the next episode with everyone just turning on him was so contrived and completely unbelievable…

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