DYNAMO 5 #16

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Dynamo 5 is, without a doubt, THE BEST superhero comic out on the market right now.  While oozing with hyperbole, I’d like to defend my point, and defend it I shall.

I know what you’re thinking…”The best book.  That asshole’s got to be crazy.  What about_________?”  And I can understand what you’re saying.  I feel the same way when people tell me that all the time.  Such hyperbolic statements are always met with skepticism.  I completely sympathize.  Yes, Captain America is an awesome comic.  And yes, Action Comics is very, very good.  Of course, Invincible is most excellent.  I can’t argue with you.  But have you read Dynamo 5?  I mean, have you really read it?

You can’t deny that this book has something.  It’s what any teen team comic book should be:  it’s got great villains, group drama, an excellent hook, and a “keeps you on your toes” storyline.  It’s all the ingredients mixed together.  And it’s product is a damn fun read.  The direction that the storyline is taking isn’t necessarily anything new for the genre (team is disassembled, having problems, and villains are running amok), but it’s the context that these things take place in that’s truly special.  With this concept, Faerber has taken it to the next level and has added real emotional stakes, and his world is so rich and diverse that you can’t help but be swept up into it.  With each issue, I’ve had nothing but a blast reading it, and this issue is no different.  I don’t want to talk about it too much in detail because you should really read it for yourself.

Story aside, the art in this book is quite amazing.  Not only are the character defined and fluid, but there’s just great energy in the action in this book.  The story points are excellently paced and the character moments are spot on while the action carries some excellent weight.  I also really appreciate how Asarr mixes up the way the panels are laid out.  This is pure eye candy people, believe it.  It’s amazing that Faerber was able to pick this artist up because this is a guy who would be drawing event books at the big two.  He’s that good.

The other bonus for my love of this issue is the fact that Faerber published a letter that I wrote to him!  How freaking cool is that?  I almost never write letters, but the “specialness” of this book compelled me to do so.  It was really neat to see and cranked this issue from a 5 to a 6. 

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. hear hear! I just recently jumped on this book (I caught up with the trades) and can’t wait for this issue every time it comes out… truly an excellent book

  2. I don’t know if it’s better than Invincible but it’s getting very close to being a tie.

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