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The acclaimed writer of DMZ and NORTHLANDERS takes his first creative stab at the WildStorm Universe! To call the superpowered girl known as Bliss “edgy” is a massive understatement. Like all the DV8 kids. she’s a creature with primal powers and in her case, she’s the giver of either pain or pleasure. Now, as the “goddess” Bliss to an all-female band of warriors, she sees potential in her adopted tribe and sets out to tip the balance of power in their favor. Don’t miss part 2 of this 8-issue miniseries telling the story of how eight teenagers ruled a world.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

Price: $2.99
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  1. I stay away from Wildstorm unless it is ABC.

  2. Brian Wood has never really let me down.

  3. First issue of this set up some very interesting possibilities. 

  4. This was a huge surprise for me. Totally loved it and it reminded me of the great short Hickman in "Breaking into comics the marvel way".

  5. This was a great first issue so im on for this one… hopefully it stays great. 

  6. Seriously, you thought this was good?

    i was friggen hyped for that first issue. I loved the concept, I loved the idea that these narcissistic nihilistic superheroes would go insane and lose sight of their egos when placed in a environment removed from society. It sounded like the superhero version of Lord of the Flies. Just think about how awesome that sounds. It sounds kick-ass.

    Brian Wood didn’t really deliver. He isn’t a good writer. He sucks the interest out of his own concepts but writing boring friggen comics. very disappointing

  7. I’m interested enough to check out the next few issue.

  8. @ed Northlanders is amazing and DMZ has been fantastic until some recent languishing.  I’m not really sure where you’re going with that.

  9. @vadamovens: i read both of those titles. i don’t agree with you. Wood’s work is very medicore at best

  10. fair enough

  11. Of course, it IS all a matter of opinion, but I have to say that Northlanders is easily in my top 5 every month. I only picked up DV8 #1 b/c of Wood, and though it is not the type of comic I would normally get, I am interested to see where he takes it.

  12. fair enough

  13. Not mediocre, more a learning curve, I hope. Its only his second attemp at "superheroes". The art alone is well worth my $3. I’m betting that by the end of this mini we will have a cool story. Wood’s always write for the trades format. Personally, I really like Northlanders.

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