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  1. The Metal Men co-feature kept me long enough that I became more invested in the main story.  It was a sneaky move by DC, but Giffen’s main story is enough that I want to know what’s happening with these crazy teams.  Now if we could just move past the Blackest Night tie-in.

  2. Yeah, but I love the DP anyways. I hope this tie in does what it’s intended to do and get more readers.

  3. I only jumped in because of the BN tie-in, but I wasn’t so keen on the last issue. If it concludes well, I may stick with the series.

  4. I picked up DP originally due to the combination of MM and DP, but I find that I’m having a better time with DP than MM.  I like the BN tie in as well.  I certainly knew none of this previously.

  5. I’m Reading This Beceause of Giffen is working on it. I Love The Metal Men Co-Feature. I Really Hope that the Main Doom Patrol Series get better.

  6. Well that was, not at all satisfying.

  7. I’m done with this book with the tie-in being over.  It was fine, just not compelling enough for me to keep paying $4 an issue.  A Metal Men book though…well, that could definitely be worth it.

  8. I love the Doom Patrol book, but can’t stand the Metal Men back up except for the art. I skip it now.

  9. Only liked the Metal Men. Not going to pay $4 for 8 pages though.

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