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  1. Voodoo!!

    Damn that price tag, but I’m still willing to give it a shot.


  3. is this ongoing, cause if it is it should drop to 2.99 after the first issue

  4. @Roivampire-Yup, ongoing and should drop.  I’m just not a fan of Marvel’s $3.99 first issue policy.

  5. I’d pay $4 for a good Remender book. His Punisher is too damn good for me to not try anything else he does.

    PS – Why must there always be a comment about the 3.99 tag? If it’s that big a deal, you probably aren’t really that interested in the book. If you want to read it, you’ll pay 3.99. Period.

  6. People it’s called inflation.  You can’t get a combo meal for under $3.99 these days!!!  GET JOBS!!!

  7. Well Vertigo sells their first issues for $1. Marvel for $3.99. As of right now Sweet Tooth #2 is the 2nd highest pulled comic. Granted it’s early, but that says a lot, at least to me. But whatever, I’m still getting it because that’s how I roll.

  8. @j4K3-That’s an incredibly asinine statement, especially considering I am picking up this book.

  9. Mmmm…actually after perusing all the fucking comics coming out this week, I might have to reluctantly skip this. RR really sold this to me on the talksplode, but damn. Foot in mouth but that’s how I roll….NOW.

  10. Who is this about is that Brother Voodoo?

  11. @Hawkboy: Yes. He’s the new Sorcerer Supreme.

  12. @Conor  Thats kind of cool!  Thanks for the info…I’ve gone off all the Marvel Avenger titles with all this Dark Reign stuff so I haven’t been keeping up to date.

    @Cromulent You have to remember a highly pulled comic here doesn’t always mean a top selling comic elsewhere.  As in the case of the Secret Warriors which was hugely pulled here but didn’t even crack the top 10 (or was it even top 20?) sales wise.   

    Now here’s a question… if they just went back to printing comics on crappy newsprint would that reduce the price?  Cause I’d much rather pay a buck for a comic on newsprint than 4 bucks for nice paper.  But as I said I’m not sure if this really could have that big an impact on the cost.  But having said that I grew up with the newsprint and bad colour reproduction so it wouldnt bother me to go back.  

  13. @Hawkboy-It’s my understanding that printing on lower quality paper only saves a few cents and is not worth it.  In general, the price of all paper has gone up.  All the more reason I’ll be switching to digital 🙂

  14. @Hawkboy – it has nothing to do with paper costs, they’re just testing the market and seeing if people will pay $3.99.  Its business

  15. I’m all over this.


  16. ive been all over this stuff in the New Avengers, i’m totally on board.

  17. Remender on Talksplode sold me on this…

  18. It’s official; this was the most interesting book that came out this week. Definitely my POW.

  19. @Diabhol – share your thoughts & write a review. I liked this book quite a bit, but it was not my POW.

  20. Remender’s promises and hype for this book were fulfilled with this issue.

    Great first issue. Good dialogue, good character development and some great action scenes.

  21. It was a solid first issue.  I wasn’t blown away, but certainly will be picking up the next one.

  22. I love that Remender one-upped what Hickman did with Galactus in his second FF issue by having Jericho deal with Dormammu in the first few pages. Way to free yourself up sir.


  23. When I picked this up, I thought it was a one-shot.  I really liked the issue, but I have to decide if I wanna add another ongoing series… 

  24. coltrane68: I’ve written one review in all my time on this site; it’s harder than it looks! 🙂

  25. This really felt like a middle issue for me. I’m hoping this gets better as it goes, because three seperate fights in one issue does not a good comic make, espeicially for a character i know nothing about and who I thought was a villain when I first saw him in New Avengers.

  26. Under your definition, even a middle issue shouldn’t have three fights.

    There was definitely a lot of shit going on. The only thing that felt poorly developed was the scene with the demon in the hospital.

    The opening was sick. The character was developed within the context of a "fight".

    The ending further developed the character with our hero getting his ass kicked, but keeping his dignity.

    I agree he was used to sinister effect in New Avengers, but remember Stark’s Mighty Avengers was using him, so he couldn’t have been anything less than a registered reformed villain.

    Great issue that I need to reread. I’ve got high hopes for this series.

  27. This book was something I was hoping would be a over the top crazy magic piece of pure brain candy.

    Well it started big and did build up to an interesting end so I was pleased. It was a pretty small prequel to what is shaping up to be another event (yawn) but I will give it a chance. With Remender bringing back the Legion of Monsters and such I just have a feeling this will all build to a supernatural slugfest and that would be very well received by me.

  28. I thought this was excellent.  Jericho Drumm is a refreshing change to Stephen Strange, and I think Strange will benefit from being in exile for a while.  Drumm going to visit Dormammu was great, but basically, I liked the whole warrior-mystic idea, and the idea already that Drumm is pushing himself too hard will be interesting to watch develop.  Drumm’s self-confidence was really unique.

     Loved it!


  29. Love this book! Remender is pure gold! Just a great ride from cover to cover, I used to be a huge Doc Strange fan, and this brought me back. I can not wait to read more of the Gunner of God!

  30. I had my doubts but I was impressed. Mostly with the awesome use of DOOM.

  31. Yeah Doom was fantastic in this. This was an atypical first issue for Marvel, in that it did more than just set up the character and his surroundings and obstacles. Great stuff happened, and even though I have never read anything with Brother Voodoo in it before the most recent issues of New Avengers (he may have popped up in a What If? that I read, but that doesn’t really count), I am loving the character, the supporting cast, and the direction that the book his headed. Definitely my PotW!

  32. I actually didn’t enjoy this too much until Doom arrived. Still, I liked the Doom stuff, as well as the interaction between Voodoo/Strange, so that, combined with the premise, and sold me for the first arc  of this. 3/5.

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