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  1. @changingshades: I agree with you on every point here.  For some reason, Marvel magic characters don’t click with me.  And, I think, the idea of a new character taking a major villain and putting him down like an infant in his very first issue makes the series more boring than impressive.

  2. Couldn’t disagree with you more strongly.

    First off, art is a 2?!  Give me a break.  Palo’s art was fantastic!  A TWO?!  At least a 4 and maybe a 5.  Explain to me how this art is a 2.  (You too Akaumm)

    For me, Jericho Drumm was definitely "the handle". 

    As for Dormammu, he went down there with a trick Stephen had been saving, plus he’s got a new style that Dormammu hasn’t seen before.  Dormammu did not look like he was put down like an infant to me.

    But I can’t argue if the book didn’t connect with you…but I loved it.


  3. @Urthona

    Y’see, it’s a matter of personal taste. You say the art was almost worthy of a 5 I chuckle to myself and think of how grainy everything looked and that Stephen looked like he was in his late 50’s. And that Doom’s mask looked silly and his over all armor lost any sort of looming awesome to it. 

     As for Drumm being the handle? Do you often talk tothe spirit of your dead brother? How about practice medicine in a clinic in New Orleans? I don’t. Nor do I practice any sort of Voodoon magic. So really, nothing about that was a handle for me. I know he was the main character, but that doesn’t mean I give a shit about him. 

     Dormammu, who took on Stephen and the strong incarnation of the Defenders, was put down easily in  how many pages?


    Yeah I stand by my review

  4. Grainy?  Yes, Strange was drawn as older, but I think they are portraying an older Strange here who is passing the mantle on to a younger man.  I guess your objection is that Strange doesn’t look 29?  You better stop reading Fantastic Four, because you’re not going to be happy about what they did to Reed.  I thought Doom looked good, it was a more spooky, eerie, mystic doom…his mask often looked like a skull.   While art is certainly subjective, a "2" is really a very low score, and I just fail to understand how the art in this book ranks so low to you, it’s a beautiful dynamic book that looks way better than most of the crap on the stands….even if you didn’t like the story. 

    Do I often talk to the spirot of my dead brother?  I dunno.  I don’t ride a silver surfboard or live in a batcave either or wear a tiara and carry rope (ok, maybe the last one I do).  BUT…I do HAVE a brother, and it can be tough working closely with him.  I HAVE sometimes had a large task thrown before me that seemed overwhelming if I thought about it all at once, but at my best moments I would try to push forward and be confident.  I HAVE sometimes pushed myself harder than I should and later paid the price for it.  How ’bout you?

    Again, Voodoo took the fight to Dormammu with a clever plan and has succeeded in temporarily containing him. 

    I’m glad you stand by your review…you should!  It’s a good review! 

  5. I have to agree with the Urthona on the artwork. While the style might not have been my favorite, the 2 is a unduly low score. Strange being drawn older fits with how a person whose well being has taken a toll under the emotional turmoil the character has gone through since the World War Hulk incident. Considering the guy was born in 1930 (according to his official write up) I think he’s looking pretty good.

    I also find the Doctor Voodoo character relatable at this moment has he’s taking on the mantle of Sorceror Supreme and holding the mantle of Houngan Supreme at the same time. Ultimately I see this character as having the potential of being more accessible than Strange ever was. Because of his family attachments, because he is still a practicing doctor, and because he comes across as a more emotional & passionate person, than the often cold and arrogant Stephen Strange.

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