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  1. Is this bi-weekly?  It seems like the last issue just came out, and that makes me think the "of 24" isn’t so bad… I may pick this up.

  2. an average book becomes an average movie becomes an average comic… the circle is complete

  3. @edward This is the first time I’ve disagreed with you on here.  The book was far from average.  The art was fantastic and matched the mood of the book.  Dick’s style was unparalleled during the time of his writing, within that futuristic psi-fi genre.   

  4. @edward: Blade Runner is great! I didn’t love the book but the film is one of my favorite of all time. 

  5. The book was fucking terrible. I’m glad the move burned away all the bullshit and actually had a decent story.


  6. alright, i guess folks are different.  it hasn’t done it fo me in any format… now if they made a comic of A Clockwork Orange….

  7. They’d have to format it exactly to the book.  Kubricks ending was unacceptable

  8. @vaamowens: Are you mad? The original English ending was terrible.

  9. nope. quite sane. just liked the more positive ending for that particular story.

  10. I’m tettering on the edge with this book. I think it’s going to come down to the once-over in the store…

  11. @vadamowens: The way the book plays out and when you see it in film….there’s no way it could end on a somewhat happy tone. Kubrick filmed it the right away.

    By the way, that is a perfect idea by @edward.

  12. @MacAoidh: the ending in the book worked on number on levels that the film ending didn’t. Firstly, character numbering. The final chapter in the book is the 21st, the book ends at the same number as youth legally ends in England. Secondly, the final chapter of the book showed that Alex couldn’t continue the destructive path of his youth because time will always eventually humble youth.

    I tell you what; Gabriel Ba or Vasilis Lolos would fucking smoke a comic adaptation of A Clockwork Orange

  13. finally someone that knows what the fuck they’re talking about.

  14. absolutely love the film, even if the androids were a little weird. just picked up the novel. if i like that i may get thiiiiis.

  15. Never read the book. Never saw the movie.

    But the first issue blew me away. At first I thought the art was bland, but as I kept reading I realised that it fits the tone of the story perfectly. That is, the art is actually quite good, and works well for what looks to be a great story. And there’s so much to read. It IS the novel. And an essay by Warren Ellis. And the format of the issue itself. So beautiful.

    I eagerly await #2.

  16. None of the stores i went to here in NYC had this. Something about a "problem with the covers." Guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled for next week.

  17. Yea appearently all the "A" covers were shipped to the east coast while all the "B" covers were shipped to the west coast and it should have been 50/50. so i guess it’ll take a week..

  18. Yep… a no-show for me as well.

  19. This was really really good.  I’m most impressed with the way that it worked as a wholly self-contained issue.  The only question that I’m left with is, in the end, how much of a difference will the art make?  It’s solid so far, but not amazing.  I’d love to see bigger panels. 

  20. Oh, one more thing to add.  The backmatter last month was SO much better then the reflection by Matt Fraction this month.  I really didn’t care for it. 

  21. Not impressed. I’m not sure it’s well adapted. Far too much text for my taste. And I’m not sure they are conveying Dick’s irony well. I’ll probably now wait until this is collected before reading any more. 

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