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  1. The last trade rocked my world so this one has a lot to live up to.

  2. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂

  3. I’m a really big brian wood fan and to be totally honest I was not into this "arc" or whatever this was. I’m sure it’ll probably be a good read in trade form, but this was fucking excruciating in issues. y’know, waiting half a year to really get back into the story and even then the story hasn’t lived up to how awesome it had been before and don’t get me started on Burchielli’s pencils. It’s possibly the most unhappy i’ve even been with brian wood and i read the couriers.

  4. It’s probably just me but it seems like the previous trade just shipped a couple of months ago.  Am I wrong?  Not that I am complaining…

  5. @torippu – You’re not wrong, the last trade was out very recently.

    This seems to be a polarizing arc. I loved it, and thought it really fleshed out the world of the DMZ, but I can see how it might have been frustrating getting back to the main thread. 

  6. I just rad the trade. It’s a good arc but not my favorite. I only buy this in trades so hopefully some of the grumbling I’ve heard about this recently is just hot air.

  7. @blulew23 –  I love this arc, but I completely understand why some readers may not be as keen. I thought this was an absolutely worthwhile use of the book, as Wood’s created this world and this gave us an insight into the other great characters he’s written.

    Having said that, the new arc (in issues so far) will blow you away! 🙂 

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