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  1. Seriously??

    Who was asking for this?

  2. Hmm, if this is the story of John McLean year one, I am totally there.  If it’s about car batteries I’ll probably pass.

  3. nicely played

  4. No questions asked.. Die hard. I’m there.. 

  5. Please be Better than that last movie

  6. I’m switching between going "wtf lol?" and "mmm interesting…"

  7. I may grab this…

  8. I hope Carl from Family Matters is in it.

  9. I hear Urkel makes a cameo.

  10. Just read the preview for this issue, actually looks pretty good.

  11. @MisterJ Thats good 2 hear,  I have a gut feeling my LCS won’t have it and i’m going to have to order it on ebay.

  12. I will give this a shot.  Hopefully i can get the Jock cover!

  13. @MrPopular-the preview is over on CBR if you want to check out the first third of the book yourself.

  14. Y’know I’ve watched every Die Hard (except the 3rd) and #4 is probably my favorite. Seriously intense. 

    I’ll get it when the Longbox beta launches (isn’t that supposed to be about right now?) 

  15. Kind of a pure setup issue, but enjoyable.  I will keep reading.

  16. Ya like Trash said Pure setup.  I’m sold it was interesting enough that i’ll keep going.  It’s sad though I had to IMDB Willis because I kept thinking it’s 1976.. how old is McClane lol.

  17. This was the first thing i’ve read by chaykin that I haven’t hated.

  18. Bruce Willis is 51 I believe.  In the first Die Hard which came out in 87 or 88 I think, he says at the beginning that he was doing the job for 11 years so the timing is about right.  I think this is a great idea for a story.  John McClane is such a great character, but there is so much in the back story that wasn’t touched on.  I’m picking this one up.

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