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• DIAL M for MINOTAURA! Friend or foe? Rescuer or captor?

• Nelson and Roxy continue to uncover secrets of the H-dial in Canada while evading the appendages of the Centipede.

• And introducing THE GLIMPSE, a fleeting yet deceptively powerful new hero.

Story by China Mieville
Art by Alberto Ponticelli & Dan Green
Cover by Brian Bolland

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  1. This is so great. I love this series. I’d think there’d be more folks pulling this. It’s so Vertigo and totally quirky.

    • I have some interest in it, but after the mixed reviews it got and the previews underwhelming me, I just have been hesitant to give it a shot. The covers look fantastic, but you can’t judge a book by them.

    • Maybe not for everyone because it is pretty weird. But I’m with mrkent, I love the shit out of it.

  2. Story is really getting intriguing as it goes on. I really hope I can gel with Ponticelli’s pencils though. Thought they were a bit too sketchy for my liking.

    • I felt the same way when he did Frankenstein. I thought Walden Wong’s inks really made his work much better, but other folks seemed to feel the opposite and enjoyed the scratchiness.

      Is this inker the same Dan Green who used to run Marc Silvestri’s pencils back on Uncanny X-Men? Because that would not be good.

  3. I loved the David Lapham issues.

  4. This book is wonderful… so many people are missing out on something great.

  5. Its a super powers bonanza staring the most unlikely characters and organizations. When’s the last time you read about covert Canadian ops? Or see two scientist gossip about the hot but deadly assassin? Did I mention it has a minotaur with breasts……

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