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DIAL H #15

This extra-sized conclusion to the epic DIAL H series has all the answers you’ve been looking for, and more questions you didn’t even think to ask!

Stay on the line!

The entire universe is at stake!

Story by China Mieville
Art by Alberto Ponticelli & Dan Green
Cover by Brian Bolland

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  1. Very nice to see this as an oversized finale. Even if Mieville had to cut this short he has some room to make a proper ending of it at least. Sad to see it go though. But at this point I don’t expect weird, experimental comics to work in the mainstream companies.

  2. I loved this book. I even loved the bizarre team that formed. i am fairly sure I saw an E-Dial story for Villains month.
    Glad this won’t be the last I see of this concept!

    • You did see one (or at least, I did as well). I’m buying very few Villains’ Month titles, but E-Dail is a definite . . .

  3. Automatic pick of the week. I don’t care how bad this is or how good another book is, I will miss this book so much there will be no other choice.

  4. I’ve loved this series, and am sad to see it leave. Last issue felt a little rushed to me, as if Mieville was trying to cram into one issue what he originally planned for three or four. I’m glad that DC let him have extra pages for the final, so, hopefully, we’ll get a finish worthy of the title.

    Also, I’m going to miss having monthly Brian Bolland covers in my life again . . .

    Is anyone familiar with a H.E.R.O. series from the 00’s by Pfeifer and Kano? I bought a random issue from a 50 cents bin recently, and thought that it was pretty good . . .

  5. Haven’t read the last, 2 or 3 issues (sitting in my LCS’s pullfile). I hope this ties things up in a semi cohesive way.

  6. I can’t believe Boland isn’t getting more recognition for these covers. They are perfect! So interesting and they really draw you in. Overall, the stories were a little muddy. But I was willing to overlook that in order to be exposed to a few interesting ideas. This comic had whimsy! That’s just so rare in comics today. These heroes were flawed, they had room for growth and development. It was refreshing while it lasted.

  7. I enjoyed this series for the most part but I’m OK with seeing it end.

  8. Good “finale” even though it’s clear the real ending will be in the Justice League #23.3 issue.

    Didn’t feel like Mieville was forced to cram so much in this final issue as it was one big battle after another. Lots of great hero ideas and mixes of established coming together. Plus the art by Ponticelli/Green was really solid and some of their best work since taking over. Which is nice, cause lord knows this would have been disappointing if the art was bad. Sad to see this series end so soon but it ended on a high note so I’m happy for that anyways.


  9. I thought that this was a strong ending worthy of the series. It did not feel rushed at all, and seemed to tie up things more or less as well as I would have expected. (This series has never been the type where I would expect, or truly want, to know all the answers). It’ll be interesting to see how the Villains’ Month issue ties into this storyline. Also, I wonder if DC will ever acknowledge these characters, or the explanation of the dials, in the future.

    Some fabulous art from Ponticelli & Green; I’m disappointed none of it made it into Panels of the Week. Plus, credit for delivering an oversized issue, on time with only one penciler and one inker. We don’t see that too often these days from the Big Two . . .

    I still need to read Swamp Thing, but, it’s safe to predict that this’ll be my pick of the week . . .

  10. This series has been a blast from beginning to end. I hope DC invite China Mieville to play in the Vertigo playground.

  11. This was a satisfying and well done conclusion. I have read Mieville’s work before and I’m not surprised at the quality of this series, though I was hoping it would last longer. I agree with the other comments on here that Mieville should be picked up by Vertigo or Image for other projects.

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