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  1. I like these shorter arcs.  I’d love to have a nice $7 three issue trade of this origin story.

  2. Very excited for this issue.

  3. I’m hoping for a nice deluxe hc of these 7 issues. This has to be oversized or murder will ensue.

  4. yup. very good.

  5. Oversized treatment would be awesome.

    This seems like a decidedly average cover, which is uncharacteristic of this series, but maybe I’ll look better on paper than it does as a thumbnail image on a screen.

    Looking forward to the conclusion of the origin arc, bigtime. The previous issue was the best Batwoman issue yet, imo.

  6. @flapjaxx – Totally agree with you. Great writing. The art was ok .. I guess …  just kidding.

  7. When DC puts books out in trade, do they typically keep the co-feature? B/c I’d like to collect these without The Question getting in the way.

  8. @stuchlach,@HallScott : 3 years?

  9. @NathanNicdao-what?

  10. @HailScott: I think I heard that back-up features (if collected at all) are going to be given their OWN trades. So there should be a Question trade coming out at some point (a few years from now once they have enough content, probably).

    I don’t think the back-up really ‘gets in the way’, but I just find that it completely lacks any tension for some reason. I know that, given the way superhero comics work, of course the hero is going to beat the bad guys and get out of their traps or whatever. But every installment of The Question is like, "Watch Renee beat guys up for eight pages! See those bad men over there?! Renee’s gonna beat them up good! Watch, here she goes! She’s beating them up good, huh?! *issue ends*" Maybe it’s just because the installments are only 8 pages, so it compresses the "hero beats villains" process, or maybe it’s just due to the generic situation (foreign smugglers!), but it just seems really uncreative. In general I like what bits of characterization Rucka has given to Renee and her mentor guy, but so far the stories seem too action figure-y, if that makes any sense. For what it’s worth, though, I honestly really do enjoy Hamner’s art in its own right. The coloring on it is really great too.

  11. Is there even an original way of praising JH Williams anymore? This guy is amazing. They need to put out an Absolute Edition of this out like the day after the last Issue.

  12. Fun fact that I haven’t heard brought up yet: This is JH Williams’s last issue for the foreseeable future.  Jock is solicited from January through March.

  13. Yeah…I heard that about Jock too.

    Guess it’ll be okay for awhile.

  14. wai, wait, wait. what the fuck? J.H. Williams is leaving? why did Rucka say that he had the issues completed already. That, my friends, is totally messed up.


    man, i’m angry now

  15. @drake: dc puts out trades after roughly 3 years, right?

  16. I think the back-up gets in the way. I didn’t even read it last issue, I went back later and read it. Once I’ve finished the Batwoman story, the only thing I want to read is the next issue of Batwoman.

    I couldn’t wait for the trade, DC’s trade department are not as good as Marvel. I used to read GL in trade, but the wait was far too long. Althought a nice hard back of the frist 7 issues you could give to someone to show them how great Batwoman is, would be a great thing.

  17. @NathanNicdao-No. Roughly 6 to 8 months after the storyline wraps up.

  18. I really like the art in this book but I’m starting to lose interest in the story. I’m giving it this issue and the first issue of the next arc to see where this is going.

  19. I love JH Williams and his work should get awards for best of the year. But I would not mind seeing Jock. It should be cool. I sure hope people don’t start complaining when Jock comes on as he is one of the best also.

  20. @flapjaxx – your Question comments exactly mirror my opinion.  The Question should NOT be a fight book.  I stopped reading a few issues ago, completely didn’t hold my interest.   Wonder if Blackest Night Question will show how it’s supposed to be done?

  21. @AmitCat

    You just said you hope comic fans won’t complain about change. Thought I should point that out.

  22. I just found out last night that JH Williams is gone after this issue. I’m not crying … it’s just allergies. *sniff*

  23. @drake: so why do people say 3years? Hyperbole?

  24. I’m sad JHW3 is going but excited for teh Jock.

  25. @Slockhart – yes I did. I did say that.

  26. I’m really shocked this the community PoW.

  27. Magnificent.

  28. Love the issue!! did not care for the extra story at all though…

  29. Amazing issue. Even the backup was good. And JH will be back soon. 

  30. Unbelievable. Just like the whole run has been.

  31. um, what’s wrong with all you people? the story is pretty average…, that’s one half of the book

  32. @edward

    If this is an average story, then I’d be reading a lot more average books.

  33. @Edward

    I thought I was the only one who thought that… The art’s great, but the story feels like something I’ve read before. 

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