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It’s really hard to say something good about the best overall comic book series of 2009 and still say it in an original way.

Rucka’s story ends the year and the origin arc in amazing fashion going into the next arc and JH William’s eclectic art is as amazing as ever. The relationship between Kate and her dad was what stood out in this issue.

Of all the Bat famalies, Kate seems to be the most sane one at the moment, and of all the sidekicks/secondary characters in the bat families, her dad the strangest. I am really interested in knowing more of this relationship. To me her dad seems like the kind of guy who wanted to become a super-hero himself, but since he wasn’t able to, he’ll settle having his child, in this case daughter do it. Great arc. Kudos to Rucka for building an amazing story up.

My runner-up in pick of the week.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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