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  1. I hope this issue is of the same caliber as #858.  Mr. Williams is raising the bar for the entire industry.  (And Mr. Rucka is nailing it, as well.)

  2. The art was so incredible with its contrast.  Almost made potw for me last time around.

  3. Looking forward to this. 

  4. Oh god, I can’t wait … I am gonna torture myself and read this last!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m liking these covers, but not as much as the ones for the first arc.  Also, I’m excited for more of The Question.

  6. this could be the finest series of artwork in the last 10 years.  Rucka and Williams deserve every accolade

  7. Can i please hear some more from TNC about how kate looks like a bulimic clown? Please?!

  8. Looking forward to this. This should be a real pivotal issue as far as Kate’s backstory/characterization.

  9. Soooooooooo goooooooooooooooood.

  10. Please can I hear more of Edward’s derisive insults?


    Me 1 your sorry ass 0.

  11. @JJ: YOUR FACE

  12. once im done with these issues I send them to my younger sister who absolutely loooooves them.

    "Detective Comics…bringing familys togethor since 1937"*

    *Cue rainbow

  13. groundbreaking

  14. This is, perhaps, the best book DC is putting out.


  15. loving this book despite not giving a crap about the question.  wish they’d drop that.

  16. My favourite series at the moment, bar none.

  17. @Edward: Well, played. This is not over! 😛

  18. @clintaa:  For different reasons I’m loving both Batwoman & The Question, but both are good detective stories.  Hence, good to be in a book titled as it is.

  19. Hope you guys can read that last post.  Unsure wtf happened.

  20. I can’t wait until I can read this arc as a whole in one sitting.

  21. Pretty solid.

    I didn’t particularly like the two page spread culminating in the punch. I’m not fond of the way the hybrids are drawn. Not up to Mr. Williams’s astronomically high standards. I liked the interaction between Kate and Renee. I also enjoyed Bruce’s cameo. Very cool.  

    I REALLY liked the backup story. I liked the story and the cooperation. Huntress looked perfect. Sexy, intimidating, but not cheesecake. 

  22. I thought this was a lot better than it has been (I’ve been the one person disliking this run) but it was still pretty predictable.  Both scenes about Kate being a lesbian were terribly unoriginal and I felt like I’d seen then 100 times before.  

    Also, I was confused about Renee not knowing that Kate had dropped out, even though they didn’t meet until after this had happened…?

  23. Man, I’m glad I didn’t read the solicit before I read this comic.  I mean, I should have seen that plot point coming (especially when Dan Choi was thanked as a consultant) but it took a while for it to catch up with me.

  24. @Slockhart  I think the dropout reference was to her trying to finish college after leaving West Point.  

  25. Whoa they fixed Huntress’ costume and brought back that guy with the glasses that let him copy people’s fighting styles.

  26. I jumped on with issue and picked up the last one.  Absolutely great.  Back up was pretty good great also.

  27. I had to show my friends this comic.  The appeal is great for anyone who doesn’t even read comics.  To see Kate say she was gay and for it to be such a large part of this issue is truly what I would consider comics history.  The origin is quite convincing on how Batwoman came to be.  It seems so natural.

  28. This comic is superb.

  29. @misterckent  It’s honestly such a great idea for her origin — she was raised to be a soldier and to stick to her principles and state who she is with honor.  And for her pains, she was denied the chance to be a soldier, and eventually into circumstances where she decided to hide her identity in a different way.  The mass of contradictions that is Kate Kane is starting to come into focus, and I appreciate that Rucka has paced the reveals the way he has.

  30. This continues to be my favourite comic right now. PoTW for me, again. I’ve never seen art like this before & that one page where the two art styles merged? WOW. I wish I had the words to describe how awesome that was. Add in a very very good story & you have a killer comic book.


    Back-up is kicking ass too! 

  31. @WadeWilson

    – I am in total agreement. Apart from the back-up which does not interest me. The main story is the best thign I am reading at the moment. It was hard to choice a Pick, with GL and Blackest Night out as well, but this won out. How could it not?

  32. Great, great issue…. hampered by the lukewarm two-page spread with the hybrids. Still a 5/5 and this was almost my POTW, if only for the amazing plot point at West Point. The back up was fun, too. Nice to see Huntress back in a costume that she wasn’t planning on wearing to the beach.

  33. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Fucking awesome!

  34. I missed 858 and read both that issue and this one back to back. Holy moley! The page with Bruce is just, that whole scene is, this whole book is wow. 

  35. The batwoman story was great, but the question story was amazing. Though the batman stuff in the batwoman story was spectacular

  36. man, i can’t believe redheads aren’t allowed in the army… that’s what this article 125 thing is right?

  37. i think greg rucka wishes he wera a lesbian

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