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  1. Yes! The Origin

  2. This should be very cool. That cover is mesmerizing. 

  3. Awesome sauce.

  4. Woot!

  5. I’m not sure what the slow regression of the color from the covers means.

  6. The top half of the cover very much reminds me of The Walking Dead.  Oh, and I’m quite excited for this origin story to start

  7. I have to say this book is totally dependant off the art. The last arc really wasn’t the most interesting thing i have ever read.

    Come on, Rucka, you big angry bastard. Pick it up. The origin could be good

  8. @edward – yeah I agree for the most part.  how long are rucka and williams on this?  is it indefinate, or is their a planned switch?

  9. This origin story is long overdue. How long has Batwoman been around now (?) & we have no real idea who she is, besides an awesome goth-style soldier lesbian. I love this book right now.

  10. JH is on for this arc then I believe Jock guests an issue or two.

  11. I can’t wait to read the origin of how Kate found out she was a lesibian. it shoud be great!



  12. ^Actually, not to spoil anything, from what I’ve read in next issue’s solicitation it seems like Rucka is going to use Kate’s sexuality to explain why she felt the need to become a vigilante. And, surprisingly, I think it might actually be an interesting explanation. I’m usually a real eye-roller about such things, but from what I know I think this could be a good story.

    I’m really looking forward to this arc. I think Rucka’s writing and plotting has been, at best, mediocre through the first four issues, but the origin is an opportunity for me to be interested in the story. The art has obviously been carrying this book as far as most readers are concerned. So I’m excited to be excited about something more than William’s pictures. I think we’re going to look back on this origin arc, though, and wonder why the F Rucka thought it was SO worthwhile to delay this explanation of the character’s past for so long.

  13. @edward I found out there’s a comic adaptation of The Story of O. 

  14. @Flapjaxx: so that would make her a militant lesbian? Come on, that would never happen. At the former women’s shelter/ bar that i frequent here in canberra i have yet to see that particular stereotype 

    (sorry everone. bad joke)

  15. I think the first arc was a bit overrated but I’m still down.  Not really feeling The Question though.

  16. Considering dropping this.  The art is gorgeous, but the story is fairly generic.   Plus, stopped reading the Question bonus story. 

  17. I thought batwoman was the same person as batgirl. yeah, im new to comics…

  18. @Mansuper – No, the current Batwoman has never (to my knowledge) been Batgirl.  The current Batgirl (SPOILER [PUN!]) is actually someone who was known as Spoiler and recently took over the Batgirl mantle. 

  19. @miyamotofreak – I thought that after the origin arc, The Question will switch to being the main story and Batwoman will be the co-feature.

    @Selfstyler – I would recommend reading the issues again. I felt the same way as you did because the art is so overwhelmingly amazing, but after reading it again, I really enjoy her relationship with her dad, and the training that she’s gotten. 

    Can’t wait for the origin.  I heard Alice will be explained more too … 

  20. Maybe the Jock issues is the Question story. I don’t think the Question story is long though.

  21. I’ve been picking this up mostly as an art book. Not very interested in the main story (have never been interested in any of the "Crime Bible" business), and completely uninterested in the backup story. Not sure I’ll be picking up this issue or hanging around much longer, especially not at $3.99.

  22. I really don’t get how anyone could buy a comic just for the art, for me I have to enjoy the story, which I do with Batwoman and The Question backup.

  23. Fantastic issue. Interesting story. I like the style Williams uses for the Flashbacks. Reminds me of something but I can’t quite place it. LIke Prince Valiant mixed with Ghost World. I did find one flaw, though. I found the first Batwoman page to be a little hard to follow. The Bat-Shaped panels were nice, but the art felt packed in them, and the word balloons went too high above them in places. Still, 5/5 for me.

  24. I’m I the only person on the planet who can’t stand the art?

  25. I want this in trade!!!


  26. Moving issue.  Williams versatility is staggering.  

  27. I’ve been picking up this comic based solely on Williams art and have found Rucka’s writing to be a little convoluted and hard to get into.  That changed with this issue.  The art continues to be great, and Rucka hit all the right notes on this one.  Great issue, just barely inching past Fantastic Four for my POTW.  5/5.  As for the Question "co-feature", it hasn’t really grabbed me yet.  I have no background with the character, nor do I feel I know much after the first arc.

  28. I thought this was ok. I wasn’t wowed by it like many others. It was a good intro though. 4/5.

  29. i get that its a military family but the mom making breakfast in her camo gear was kinda funny lol

  30. WOW. Amazing on all levels. That one double splash page, with the panels shaped like bats flying across the page, might be the best splash page I’ve ever seen (if it counts as a splash page, if it has other panels?). 

    5/5 on both art & writing.

  31. Jesus Allah Buddha this was a-mazing!! Everything about this was superb.

    I dunno if it’s what you were thinking but the flashback stuff (if I didn’t know any better and you handed me this book and told me that the present day and flashback materials were done by not two amazing artists but one single guy, I’d threaten your life because I’d think you’re lying to me) but it reminded me of Batman Year One (the newer printing of it; I believe the coloring was originally different), in both penciling and color.

    And really, let’s not forget the Question co-feature. It can easily pale in comparison to the main bit, but that was excellent in its own right. Just look at that panel where we have the slight reveal and you can just barely see that smirk from under the Question mask. Amazing. 

  32. @me
    I didn’t read Josh’s review before I posted my comment; me feel validated! Me am happy! Me eat cupcake!

  33. This was an exceptional book.  The contrast between flashback art and current moment art were astounding.  That takes talent beyond my level of understanding.  Awesome shit!!!

  34. Now if DC are smart, they’ll combine these two story arcs into one sweet deluxe edition (slightly oversized) HC collection and make us all buy it again.

  35. @RolandofGilead
    If we’ve seen any indication in the past, when it comes to collected editions, DC is anything but smart, but here’s hoping.

    If they do, it’ll be like 3 or 4 years from now and Rucka will have moved on, allowing some lesser writer to turn her into the stereotypical character we all feared when she was announced during 52. 

  36. @ me speaking @ me
    By Josh, I meant Conor.

  37. @CaptBastrd: do you need to sit down?

  38. I’m catching up on my reading… 

    This was stupendous.  I loved it.  Williams art was amazing.  He made me check to see if it was two people doing his pages.  The origin story was gut-dropping.  Way to step it up Rucka. 

    Also, the best issue of the Question co-feature yet. 

  39. best. single. issue. i. have. read. this. year. damn that was awesome. i loved how Williams echoed ( to me ) Lark and Gibbons in the book. it was as if three people penciled that issue. amazing.

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