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  1. Anyone else feeling really down on Detective Comics right now?  The stories are fine, Paul Dini tells nice one-and-done Batman stories.  But they don’t seem to have anything at all to do with the grand tale that Grant Morrison is telling over in the Batman book, so they don’t really seem to "matter" right now.  It’s almost like they’re "out of continuity" tales, even.

  2. I know what you mean, Jim.  I’m enjoying the R.I.P. storyline (and what led up to it) so much that I wish Detective was already crossing-over with it.  When does the crossover start for Detective? Is it next week?  I can’t believe I’m actually excited for a book to start "crossing-over"…  What have I become!?

  3. um… I meant next month

  4. I like that Dini’s stories aren’t connected to anything, especially after we got to see what that was like with the Ra’s Al Ghul story.  I’ve liked Morrison on Batman, but I like Dini more.  Plus, really, a story is only "in continuity" if it’s refered to later.  I really hope that Dini’s handling of the Joker is kept because it was the best Joker I’ve read in years.  Morrison’s take on the Joker, while interesting is still just Morrison’s take, which more often than not is making things weirder or creepier.  Then again, I really like Scar Face, so that might account for why I’ve been enjoying Detective recently.

  5. Bravo to Dini’s run here. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

  6. This run with Dini and Nguyen insanely good. In a way, it is almost like seeing Mignola draw Batman. Dustin’s work follows a similar style. It was a highlight to meet him in Seattle. Sketchbook, Batman sketch, Hellboy sketch, and a print with my 3 favs all on it called "Demons" (Batman, Hellboy, and Daredevil!). Great guy!

  7. Count me as one that loves the fact these stories don’t "matter". As much as I’m enjoying Morrison’s run, I think Batman and Detective should be distinct titles with different approaches to the character, not just the same story under different covers. Here’s hoping Dini and Nguyen are in it for the long haul.

  8. I think most people who have read the Dini and Nguyen Detective run would agree that they have been excellent issues- fun to read, nice art, all the rest.  They have typically been "top of the stack" reads for me over the past several months.  This makes it all more impressive to me, personally, that what Morrison has going on over at Batman makes me want to see these issues jump on to the R.I.P. event-boat.  Morrison’s current arc shows so much potential to be a Great arc that its killing my would-be excitement for the one or two shot stand-alone Batman story in Detective.  But hey, if R.I.P. fizzles out (like we all know it has about a 50/50 chance of doing) at least we know we can go back to some great stories of the Dark Knight via Dini and Nguyen.

  9. Next issue jumps into the R.I.P. storyline, so this is the last of the one-and-dones for a while. Which is cool I think, with a storyline as huge as Batman dying (does anyone actually think that will happen?) it should definitely cross into the two main Bat-books.

    I really like the 1 or 2 part stories though, they are so rare these days when most arcs go for 6 issues minimum. It’s good for people with shit memories like me to not have to recall so many story details.

  10. This was a smooth issue. I thought this might get the pick of the week, but then I noticed Ron was picking and that there was a book targeting adolescent females coming out this week. 

    (Sorry, if I just deeply offended all the Buffy fans.  That was meant as a dig on Ron, not a knock on Buffy.)

  11. i just started reading Morrison R.I.P storyline and have no idea what is going on and it’s very hard to understand it but i have been reading detective since Dini started and it is simply amazing.

    I also hoped that this would have been the pick of the week, oh well i was still an excellent book to read.

  12. It’s nice to see Selina back in Batman’s universe (where she belongs!), and I enjoyed the little mystery sleuth online chat group, that was fun to read.

  13. Awesome issue! The image of Batman eating a sandwich & chatting online was really funny & something I never thought would be in a Batman comic. During that sequence, Batman & Detective Chimp are putting down the Riddler for trawling the Mystery Chatroom for ideas … but, wasn’t Batman doing the same thing?

    My only other small gripe about this exellent all around issue was that the villain kinda went out soft. After all the huge set-up & master planning, he gets Riddler where he wants him, takes one shot at him & then kills himself? Huh? I guess they had to wap things up in 22 pages but … it just seemed off to me.

    I loved the Catwoman cameo, loved the art and I really loved to see Batman’s detective skills being used & shown. This is a major part of his character that isn’t shown nearly enough in recent times.

    Awesome issue. Did I say that?

  14. … another brilliant issue … not totally sold on the artwork but has a nice style of its own … great detective chimp cameo ..  "geek"

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