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  1. I was thinking about dropping this book.. but a Dini written Zatanna/Bats teamup I can’t pass up.

  2. I love this new Ventriloquist. The fact that she would bed her doll takes mental sickness to a whole new level. I can’t wait for her origin story.

  3. Is this laying ground work for Batman RIP, or is that only in Morrison’s Batman?

  4. @Brandon2: I think only Morrison

    i’ve never been a pick bats fan.  I like the stories, but never enough to collect on a regular basis.  But I have been picking up Detective everytime Dini was on.  I was hoping for the story to all come together, but I’m down with the solid one (or two) and dones he’s been writing

  5. Batman + Zatanna + Dini = Gold

  6. Um, this is going to be a load of badassery.  I can’t wait.

  7. It’s a shame there’s been so much start/stop with Dini’s run, but what he has done has been super-enjoyable. I think the consistency of Nguyen on art will help things feel a bit more cohesive, as well – he is absolutely killin’ it on those covers, too.

  8. So Dini is on the book for good then? At least for a little while?

  9. Just when I was thinking this book could go, Dini firmly pulls me back in. Probably my favorite issue of his run so far.

     Make Z a regular Dini, we know you want to.  

  10. I never thought about it much before, but Batman and Zatanna make a nice team.  Go Dini!

  11. That whole scene with Zatanna and Batman really got my attention.  I love those two together!!

  12. Apart from the scene at the bar with Bruce & Zatanna (which was VERY good) I thought the book was average. Not bad … just nothing spectacular. I don’t understand why everyone loved it so much …


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