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As Batman uncovers a deranged plot with far-reaching tentacles that touch some of the city’s most elite citizens, he finds himself facing off against his newest and most fearsome foes: Dollmaker and his twisted family of killers!

Written by TONY S. DANIEL
Art and cover by TONY S. DANIEL and SANDU FLOREA

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. The Bat books have been in the clear highlight of the new 52 in my opinion. This and Batman have been hitting on all cylinders. Batwoman pretty good but I hope it picks up soon.

  2. the joker’s face….. seriously that’s all I need to know and I can drop this like a dense rock. ugh just let me know what happened to it!

  3. I am liking this so far, but my budget won’t allow for books I only LIKE much longer. This issue better get me to LOVE the story or I might have to drop it, there is just too much good stuff out right now. I’m rooting for it though.

  4. I love this book, I think Tony S. Daniel has done a great job through and through. Keep it up. This is going to be steadily on my pull list so long as he keeps it up.

    • My thoughts exactly. Im loving this way more than Snyders batman.

    • @ TheRealVenom SERIOUSLY?! I could drop this in a heartbeat if i weren’t hopelessly stuck om the Joker’s face! I’m lovin’ Scott’s Batman WAAAAAAAY more than this!!!! And thats because there Bats is actually being a detective, when he should be HERE but really is just fumbling around, hoping to find a lead!

    • Totally agree. This is third behind Batman and Batman & Robin.

    • Im the exact opposite. This , Batman and Robin then Batman.
      Snyder is great dont get me wrong, but for a first arc to be more of an event than a new series initial ark is a bit much. Should have started off less deep. just MHO though.

    • I can definitely see that. What I really like about Snyder’s Batman is the prominence of Bruce’s detective skills as well as Batman appearing human. The way he is blindsided by the mere existence of the main villain and the way he is physically dominated by him is very cool.

  5. The argument between this and Snyder’s is the dumbest I’ve ever heard. Both books are fantastic and I’m glad I can enjoy both.

    • Yeah, a lot of people seem to love Batman but bash this book and the Dark Knight book. So far, I’ve enjoyed them all (as well as Batman & Robin, Batgirl and Batwoman). Maybe I will hit a Batwall soon, but I don’t know why you aren’t allowed to enjoy all of them.

    • I’ve got a friend who came into comics for the “New 52”, has never visited ifanboy, and somehow loves this?! Maybe he needs to hang around here and get jaded? I don’t know. I just have a hard time watching sensibility get abused like this.
      Anyone upset that a writer hasn’t revealed the highlight of his story within three issues oughta consider moving to trades. To me, this is an indication that Daniels is putting it together as a writer.
      You wanna see a terrible comic go read The Fury Of Firestorm or The Savage Hawkman.

    • I’m not sure your point is relevant at all. No one is saying you CAN’T enjoy both books. People are just saying they AREN’T enjoying both books. They are both about Batman, how could we as readers possible NOT compare them? There are 4 books out there right now featuring Batman (Batman, Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, and The Dark Knight) not to mention Justice League, his appearances in Batwoman, and all the mini series and OGN’s coming out recently. Very few of us can afford to buy ALL of the many Bat-centric books so we have to pick our favorites. People do that by comparing the books in question and deciding their favorites. Where’s your confusion?

    • Odd quirks lie in the guise of fanaticism, not the least of which is a battle of taste.

    • I’m really not sure anyone here is a fanatic but okay. I’m sure your girlfriend is impressed when you show her posts like that. I just understand your point. I mean no one is really arguing in this thread, people are discussing their feelings on this Bat book versus the others. I mean why did you join a comic book discussion community if you didn’t want to discuss comic books? You say you have a hard time watching sensibility get abused, well I have a hard time watching people get defensive just because someone says something slightly negative about a book they like.

    • @FACE But isn’t Tony Daniel writing Savage Hawkman, too? So he’s capable of pretty good and pretty bad, I guess. Seems to me his writing is at it’s best when he’s drawing as well.

  6. @FACE I must agree completely on terrible books: The Fury of Firestorm or Hawkman and there are a few more I would add to that list myself however; this book is not one of those! I have been enjoying the story line and the fine artwork since issue #1.


  7. ketchup is waaaay better than mustard.

  8. This has been pretty solid so far. The edge still goes to Snyder’s Batman…i just find that story more interesting, but so far i’m pretty happy with how Daniels’ story is playing out. As far as the Joker’s face…c’mon guys, be a little more patient, no one wants to see the surprise twist ending only an hour into the movie.

  9. And that’s all I got in me folks for this series. It’s not bad but it’s far from great. I just cant keep shelling out money every month when i’m only interested in what is going to happen with the joker’s face. Everything else about this book screams average. I’ll just wikipedia this in a few months to find out what happened. Story 3/5 Art 3.5/5 Dropped

  10. im surprised more people are not liking this series.

  11. well, color me impressed. i was ready to drop this b4 this issue. #1 was fantastic. 2 & 3, meh. #4, pretty fuckn’ good.
    the art was very nice here. loved the bathroom scene(bet his cape was super dirty).
    i think im most happy to be done with dollmaker. he’s alright, but not really worth 4 issues. i wanna see a return to some of the classics. clayface, zsasz, freeze and even mad hatter.
    im kinda tired of 2face and penguin, though. can we just leave them out of this for a while, please.
    nope. those were penguin’s men, uh? goddamnit!

  12. @CONNER

    your the resident DC guy, right?

    does detective take place in the past like action and JL or does it intertwine with snyder’s batman.

  13. This is also a work of art! 5! The third book from DC this week with a overall 5 rating.


  14. I just finally got to read last week’s books, and I was not impressed with this issue at all. I’ll give Daniel one more issue. If he doesn’t really grab me this time, it’s off my pull list.

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