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He makes dolls out of his victims – and he’s tired of being referred to in the media as the Gotham Strangler. His moniker is the Dollmaker, and he and his insane family are going to hunt down Gotham City’s public figures and turn them into the ultimate collectables. As the Dollmaker ups the stakes, Batman finds himself in a race against time – because one of his allies is the Dollmaker’s next target!


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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. We. Need. Some. Details. On. The. Motherfucking. Jokers. Face!

  2. Snyder’s Batman has made it entirely easy to drop this book.

  3. I am still enjoying this. There is a lot of criticism of Detective Comics so far but I don’t share that opinion. This book has been well written, the story is fun and I like the art.

  4. Ive enjoyed this

  5. Check out the preview at CBR. Looks great! I’ve actually liked this as much if not more than Batman. I like the story in Batman but I find the art/story in this one more compelling.

  6. I don’t think this is as good as Batman, but I find it good nonetheless. But yeah, what about the Joker’s face?!

  7. Tony Daniel. Tony S. Daniel. Tony Salvatore Daniel. Anymore names added and we won’t need cover art.

  8. loved the first one, hated the second one. last chance. capullo’s batman is better anyway.

  9. Loving this so far. Probably be on the top of my stack!

  10. Decided to drop after last month’s issue. Hope I don’t regret it.

  11. looked at the preview, art is good writing is still bad. why do Daniel’s Batman & Hawkman sound exactly alike? why do they both say “bring it on!” and why does Dollmaker look like a Ragdoll knockoff?

  12. I was ok with #1, but ready to drop after #2. Now I’ve read the preview pages and I can’t decide. UGH why can’t I drop books!

  13. We all want to know about the Joker face. When will we!

  14. “Can’t read my, can’t read my.. No you can’t read my Joker face!! Mum mum mum mum mah J-J-oker face!”

    Art”s phenomenal. Story’s enjoyable. Writing.. mildly hokey. Still love it. Other people’s opinions be damned.

  15. Meh this issue was just ok it moved the story along a bit, didnt feel like much happened but it was needed. The story is still nothing to complex but still enjoyable.

  16. Pros: Great Art with a mildly enjoyable story.

    Seriously that is the only reason this is still on my pull list, I can’t bring myself to drop it even though it’s just an average comic book until I find out! All I want to know is where his face is and then I can happily drop this. Ugh I give this 2 more issues then I will be forced to drop it regardless.

  17. the beastie boys said it best: DDDRRRRRRRROOOOOOPP!!!!!

  18. Bats got taken out way too easily there at the end.

    • Agreed.

      I thought issue 2 was fine but I meant to drop this because I need to trim down on my books every week. Well I ended up giving it another issue and despite the story being interesting, I need to finally commit and drop this book.

  19. Call me crazy but i’m enjoying this MUCH more than Snyders Batman.

  20. I thought the first issue of detective was better than batman #1… but now i’m getting bored with this.

  21. This was my pick of the week. Animal Man and Swamp Thing were good but I just am enjoying Detective so much more. This story arc is a blast!

  22. …. Dropped so hard. All the way to China. The only worse batbook is Dark Knight.

  23. I dropped this book after the fate of Joker’s face wasn’t revealed in issue #2. I looked through this issue at my LCS to find out what happened to Gordon (it wasn’t really him. Really? I guess I never would’ve guessed.), and Joker’s condition wasn’t mentioned anywhere. It only helped to reaffirm what I discovered while reading Daniel’s Batman issues: If he spent as much time working on his scripting and dialogue skills as he’s spending learning how to draw Batman like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, I wouldn’t be swearing to god that I’ll never pick up another Tony Daniel scripted book again. Three issues in and he still hasn’t paid off the hook ending of issue #1. Rookie mistake.

    • What is it with you guys and satisfying needs so quickly? Perhaps, and after the ending of this issue it’s probable, the Joker plays a much larger role in this. Maybe Daniel (whom I’ve never had a problem with as a writer) is what he’s supposed to be doing as a good writer: STORY BUILDING.
      I would very much like to know what became of the Joker after issue 1, but at the same time I can recognize that the story isn’t over yet.
      Before crucifying him or claiming he’s making a rookie mistake, let’s let him finish the story and see what he does with it.

      Let’s try and break the stereotype of comic geeks being ADHD readers simply looking for eye-candy. Some of us actually enjoy a suspenseful and mysterious story. From what I’ve gathered reading, this is in fact a mystery with suspense; therefore I’m pleased so far.

    • I’ve been reading comics for a LONG time. I know when a writer is throwing something up on the wall (in this case, the Joker’s face) to get me to come back in a month and give them another $2.99. I also know the difference between story building and stringing a reader along with the shocking apparent disfigurement of a 70+ year old character, only to not pay off that promise when the reader comes back, not once, but two months in a row.

      It has nothing to do with ADHD or being impatient or needing immediate satisfaction; Tony Daniel dangled an irresistible morsel in front of us with the understanding that we’d come back for more, and now it seems he wants us to keep crawling toward him ’til we can get our hands on said morsel. I, for one, decided to keep my money and not start crawling.

  24. I’m still on board. For now. But I’m teetering.

  25. I’m still really enjoying this, but the ending of this issue kind of irked me. It was stupid how Batman was overpowered and captured – even if he intended to do it to be captured so he could get to the heart of the mystery, there’s no need to drag out that old trope. The art continues to amaze.

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