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Batman sets his sights on the Gotham Ripper, who in turn has his sights on Batman.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with television journalist Charlotte Rivers, who’s visiting Gotham City to cover the gruesome slayings – while also trying to uncover Bruce’s own mystery.

But time is running out as both Commissioner Gordon and Batman work to uncover the true identity of this new serial killer.


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  1. The Gotham Ripper? What about the Jokers face?

  2. Gotham media has dubbed either the joker or the puppet master as the ‘Gotham Ripper’ So the solicit is very much written from an in-story perspective.

  3. Looking forward to seeing where Daniel goes with this. I’m hoping for the best…

  4. The last panel bought this another issue or two.. wasnt impressed but i liked the idea….

  5. My hope is that we stay with Batman for issue 2, I don’t want them to give us Joker’s perspective, not yet at least. From Detective Comics, I expect a mystery something worth solving.

    • I agree, Detective should be all about the mystery. Keep it from Batman’s perspective. I like the first issue better than most, so I’m sticking with it until….well until I don’t want to anymore.

  6. Last issue was great but this was a bit of a disappointment. The art was much less impressive and the writing didn’t seem as strong either. Don’t know if I want to stick with it any longer.

    • I felt the exact same way. Big let down. I mean #1 wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but this one had dumb Batman as the star. I hate “Dumb Batman”.

  7. I thought the first one was oh-kay/gross, is this worth reading?

  8. i was on the fence with #1, so i picked up #2 to give it another try. the good news is, now i know for sure that i don’t need to buy #3.

  9. I know I’m not supposed to, but I enjoyed this.

  10. Overall, I liked this issue a bit more than the first but I don’t think I’ll be staying with it. I felt like we saw this kind of character intro with Pyg in Batman and Robin, and while I loved Morrison’s arc I felt like this issue was a little too soon for something that seemed so similar. The new 52 has added a lot to my pull list and I gotta trim it down a bit more.

  11. This was good, a little more even than the first issue. Easy 4.

  12. This was awesome!!!
    Light week for me so this is my POTW
    New 52 is killing it!

  13. 4 out of 5 another very good book this week enjoyed it greatly!

    Just sayin’,


  14. This is a solid, SOLID 5/5. I Loved this book. Its my pick of the week but I can’t select it as potw as my work machine is a pos with ie6.

    This is the sickest, most twisted Batman comic I have ever read and the cliffhanger at the end, absolutely AMAZING! Confused on the villain but I have my suspicions.

  15. Great issue with the classic, creepy Detective vibe. Everyone who is hating on it can go back to reading X-Men. 5/5

  16. i actually really liked this. I felt the art was even better then the first issue and the enemys he is facing seems to be an intresting group as well.

    The thing i find about this book is although its not super complex with the dialogue or plots it still is an enjoyable read with good art, and anyone who really isnt enjoying it at this point is reading into it to much. Sure its simple but still fun nonetheless

  17. My POTW for sure, I give it 5 stars through and through. I love me some Scott Snyder Batman, and I think this book fills it’s roll perfectly to compliment that. When I buy/read Detective Comics, I expect to see the worlds greatest detective working on a mystery. That is exactly what Daniel gives us with issues #1 and #2. Gruesome and grim. Love love love this.

  18. liked issue 1 better, especially the art. i cant help but feel tony slacked off a little when drawing this. its not that its bad, i’ve just seen him do better. love these twisted villains, so im on board for a least a little while. he most certainly is doing better than he did on his batman run.

  19. Those are some wildly disparate opinions.

    • I also feel like Daniel brought his A game. His writing has greatly improved. I wasn’t even gonna give this a chance because I wasn’t into his Batman run, but damn this is good. His art has always been good but this is even better. Love the character designs on the bad guys. 5/5 from me.

    • i’m not sure if “wildly disparate opinions” is meant to describe my comment or the page of comments. i wouldnt think its directed at me since its not attached to my comment block under “reply”.
      however, just in case, allow me to clarify.
      his storytelling(as a writer) is better than his batman run and thats just my opinion. the art in detective #1 was better than here in issue #2. now just because i usually like the art and see improvement in his writing skills doesnt make me want to jump off the fence and declare myself as completely sold on this title just yet. i will give it a few more issues and decide after further review. hope this statement is much more congruous if that was in question to begin with. apologies for the confusion, which ever way it lies

    • Are you going to give #2 a chance, Josh?

    • Well, I hated #1, and… no.

      Also, you can always see my pull list.

  20. I think Daniels has stepped up his game. It’s not top-notch, but it reads. The art’s fantastic and I’m diggin the villain. Also likin the way The Joker wasn’t involved in this issue. Daniels isn’t playing his ace too soon.

  21. I was happy with this issue. Very intresting new villians.

  22. This was better than issue #1 but it’s still not my thing… I don’t like how Daniels draws Gordon and Bullock. I love his Batman though. In terms of all the Batman books (except Snyder’s), I’m not a huge fan of how promiscuous Bruce is. I’m ok with him being a playboy but to have a different love interest in every book seems like a little much to me. The villain in this is alright, but it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. I really feel like this book is banking majorly on shock value. The cliffhangers in both these issues have been crazy but ultimately I don’t really give a crap. Neither issue has given me anything to really get into. I might read #3 just to give it one more chance but I think Batman is going to be my only Bat-book from now on…

  23. Excellent number 2! Excited to see where the story goes. Keep it comin

  24. Felt this fell off a bit in terms of story and art — maybe I was too tired when I read it, but it didn’t grab me. We’ll see how #3 goes . . .

  25. I gotta say, this impressed me. Give credit where credit is due. I’ve always thought Daniel was a capable artist (check out his raw pencils if ya get the chance), but his work took a serious hit when he started writing. When I saw the quality artwork in issue one, my first thought was “Stellar Miller impression, but it won’t last.” Seems I was wrong. The artwork here is just as impressive. Morey’s bitchin’ coloring really helps, but Daniel has definitely stepped up his game. It may be a big bite off of DKR, but if you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.

    That said, the story feels like more of the same. Two years ago, I would’ve been all over this. But it just doesn’t mesh with Morrison and Snyder’s new vision of Gotham. Still, Daniel is going for the jugular with these cliffhangers. And I can appreciate that. But that’s a gimmick that can get stale real quick.

    In other words, I’m intrigued but skeptical. I’m on board for now. The only way I would jump off before the second arc is if they really did that to Gordon. But they didn’t. Right?

    • I doubt it. There wasn’t enough time to do whatever that is exactly…. I’m thinking they made that out of other people beforehand and tossed it at Bats after they simply locked the real Gordon in the squad-car. But, hey. You never know!

  26. My guess is that we didn’t see James Gordon throughout most of the issue. He never took off his sunglasses and wore gloves the entire time. His responses seemed a little off as well. I think that the Gordon we saw during the issue was actually the Joker in disguise.

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