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• In a special oversized celebratory issue, Batman is challenged by the “Mystery of the 900!”

Story by John Layman & James Tynion IV
Art by Jason Fabok, Andy Clarke, Henrik Jonsson, Mikel Janin, & Jason Masters
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Jason Fabok & Jeromy Cox

Price: $7.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Really looking forward to this one.

  2. 7.99!!!!!?!?!?!?

  3. I kinda hope that they treat it like Spider-man #700 with all the extra with the letters in the back of the book plus maybe some extra never before seen stuff from Bob Kane or something cool. I’m really hoping it’s just as big as Spider-man’s 700th issue

  4. Damn

  5. Layman had it on his table at WonderCon last week. It’s HUGE. I thumbed through the pages and it looks great. I believe James Tynion has a back-up story in this issue as well, which is the failsafe if the content is terrible. Still, $7.99 is steep and shouldn’t the 900th issue be a moot point after this whole “new 52” gag they ran and tripped with?

  6. Not trying to start a flame-war or anything like that, but gawd I hope DC is under new leadership and at least reverted back to pre-New 52 numbering in time for #1000. I’ve wanted to see this since #600 hit when I was a kid.

    But aside from that petty “want”, the almost complete lack of desire to compete on a creative level at the current DC instills a passing fear (or hope) in me on the remote chance that they will, at best, be completely obsolete or at worst, simply an IP pasture with characters licensed out to other publishers by the time #1000 rolls around…

    • “almost complete lack of desire to compete on a creative level”? Really? Sounds like you’re trying to start a flame war. Johns, Snyder, Lemire, Morrison, Azzarello – all a bunch of no-talent hacks, right?

      Yeah, I can’t wait until DC dies and Marvel can charge 9.99 for a 20 page comic.

    • Yeah, got a little carried away there… I actually read all those guys’ books except Johns, I guess I’m just frustrated by most of the main superhero line and the limited Vertigo output. But that has nothing to do the Detective 19, so like I said, got a little carried away and in the wrong thread too…

    • I don’t see where he called any of those writers no-talent hacks. Those writers only write 9 out of the 52 books DC is publishing.

  7. Thanks muddi900, although I’ll freely admit the jackass-ery of my initial comment and can’t blame BCDX97 for calling me out (one of those times you wish you could delete a comment immediately after posting)…

    But like you said, those very few guys alone can’t sail a single superhero ship. I consider Johns & Azzarello DC “lifers” and that’s fine. I’m indifferent on Johns outside of his “Action” run (which I loved) and Azzarello takes this status and seemingly does only books he wants to do (and not a miss so far from him). With Lemire, it’s a little trickier, I just wish the guy was given the freedom to write and draw a book as I always I wish he were the artist on the few New 52 books of his that I’ve sampled (with the notable exception of “Green Arrow”). And Snyder’s good as well, but “Swamp Thing” is over, he will wrap up his Batman & Superman stories at some point and I just don’t see him sticking around DC for his entire career. And Morrison, well, I’m as excited for “Multiversity” as everyone else but with his “Action” run wrapped, “Batman Inc” ending, and “Happy” dropping last year I feel like we’re gearing up for the creator-owned 3rd act of his career… So really, they aren’t hacks. My misguided and stupid comment was directed at pretty much everything that isn’t a special project or Vertigo work. I mean, you look at Marvel’s mid-list books and you still see a lot of diversity in art and writers, DC’s mid-list just baffles me with its homogeneity…

    But I’ve done enough being a dumbass on the internet and then explaining myself… Sorry y’all…

  8. If DC wanted me to buy Detective 900 they should have put #900 on the cover. I don’t like the New 52 numbering system, I don’t like the $8 price, and I don’t like that some of the stories are “to be continued.” If I wanted to buy Detective 900, I don’t think I should be suckered into buying Dectective 901. Sorry, DC, but as long as you treat your readers like a bunch of suckers you aren’t getting my money.

    • I feel similarly. I’m the person who would buy a comic named “Detective #900” compulsively. So how is it that I looked at this #19 for 8 bucks and thought, “What a rip!”? Somewhere DC has messed up, because they should’ve got my money for this and they didn’t.

  9. I loved this issue! Fabok’s art is really hitting its stride and Andy Clarke as usual is amazing. And I do loves me some Man-Bat, Emperor Penguin, Zsaz, and Mr. Combustible. The pinups were icing on the cake!

  10. Technically, with two zero issues and a 1,000,000 issue, wouldn’t this be #903?

  11. Just finished reading this and man was it good! John Layman is doing an excellent job of telling a good yarn here and the art of Jason Fabok is starting to grow on me! I love his formats also, small, quick narratives that conclude and also a longer narrative in the background, it’s refreshing and have a little Batman: TAS vibe to it.

    The lowest point of this issue was the Bane part by James Tynion IV which should have been in Talon instead of this and I found it boring and pointless as I’ve no interest in the Talon book.

    Looking forward to #1000 in a few years! 😀

  12. I really loved this issue. Every story was well written and a good lead into other stories. And the art was amazing in all of them.

    Great to finally see Kirk – Man Bat in the new 52. Can’t wait to see more of him.

    I loved all the single pages of art that were in this issue. As another poster said though it would have been cool to see a long letters page like in ASM #700. But not complaining.

    DC is pretty good at marketing. They must have been expecting this issue to have a lot of readers with all the plugs they had in this issue. I think I saw a Nightwing, Death of the Family, Batman, Earlier issue of ‘Tec and Talon all referenced. To be a Batman fan you really have to read the whole family to actually know the WHOLE story of what is going on.

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