• A “Death of the Family” tie-in issue!

• As The Joker continues to wreak havoc on The Dark Knight and his allies, Batman is forced to cut a deal with The Penguin…one that will come back to haunt both of them when a new villain interferes!

• And in the backup story, Ignatius Ogivly usurps The Penguin’s throne and decides to lead the underworld crimelords in The Penguin’s place!

Story by John Layman
Art by Jason Fabok & Andy Clarke
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by Jared K. Fletcher
Cover by Jason Fabok & Jeromy Cox

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I’m hoping there is some consistency with this series because I can’t stand another DC book where it’s good one week and mediocre the next. I’m dropping All-Star Western for the same reason.

  2. This is the premiere Batman book now and probably will remain until this god-awful crossover is finished.

    • Yeah, this and Batman are my 2 favorite Batman books.

    • @Muddi900. I really like Layman’s Batman. It’s done solid without being over the top. It’s gonna be interesting to see how (un)involved this title gets in DotF. I’ll be very happy if it just takes a sampling and keeps on moving. It’s direction has been great by me. Its had a few threads and seems like the crossover will only be one of them. I think the Penguin/ Olgivny theme is lead for at least the next few issues.

  3. I am really having a hard time keeping timelines straight in the New 52. Does Detective Comics and Batman take place at the same time?

    • Yep. The only Bat books that aren’t taking place at the present time are…..
      Legends of the Dark Knight
      Batman: Arkham Unhinged
      Batman Beyond Unlimited(Which takes place in the future with Bruce Wayne being an old man).

    • Batman, Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, and Dark Knight are set in the present day of the New 52 Continuity. Batman Beyond is set in the future. Legends of the Dark Knight are non-canon stories. Batman Arkham Unhinged is set in the same universe as the Arkham video games (completely unrelated to the New 52).

    • Where does Batman Inc fit into the timeline?

    • Batman Inc is set in the present also. The only 3 titles that aren’t are Batman Beyond Unlimited, Legends of the Dark Knight and Batman Arkham Unhinged.

  4. 2nd best Bat book next to Batman. Pretty clever writing! digging it so far!

  5. Is there any reason for me to pick this up? Dropped months ago, picked up the DIE-CUT cover but really have no intent to add to the pull. If its is relevant to the “Death of the Family” arc I will. By “Rellevant” I mean adds something worth while. Unlike Catwoman 14 or the All Star Western NOO tie in…..

  6. Another comic sidetracked by Snyder’s overarching crossover deluxe storylines. The backup was way more interesting than the main story, which felt like filler until Layman can get back to telling stories the way he wants, and not just to tie in with Scott’s arcs. Andy Clarke once again proves that he needs to be the main artist on this book. I like the Emperor Penguin plot and felt like it should have been fleshed out here as the main story, not a fluff tale of Joker gangs.

  7. Not that bad but not that good either. The back-up story would of been better as the main.

  8. I think this and Batman are my two favorite Bat Family titles at the moment. Loving the backup stories too.

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