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• When Bruce Wayne’s life is saved by The Penguin, what surprises are in store for The Dark Knight?

• And in the backup story, an intimate look at Gotham City’s most dangerous foes provides a hint of the maelstrom to come.

Written by John Layman
Art by Jason Fabok
Backup Art by Jock
Cover by Jason Fabok
Variant Cover by Jason Fabok

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Backup art by Jock, SOLD.

  2. It was surprising how great the first issue of Layman’s was. I’m definitely looking forward to this and for the back up by Jock.

  3. I love how DC is just dominating these days!! I’m reading every Bat-book other then LOTDK, every Lantern-book besides Red, and so many more like Rotworld, Action, JLA, Aquaman, All Star Western, etc. Not one MARVEL book in my pull list.

    • DC is not necessarily dominating market share, but maybe you mean DC is dominating your pull list. I do read all the Batman titles myself as well as some Image titles, but Uncanny X-Force is great along with Wolverine and the X-Men.

    • I totally disagree with the premise that — as a reader — I’m supposed to care about the business competition between Marvel and DC or like one publisher only at the expense of the other.

      That said, compared to this time last year, my pull list has shifted heavily to Marvel and Image. Wonder Woman and a few of the central Batbooks still have my interest, but most of the New 52 books I pulled last year seemed to lack any real direction or momentum, so I bailed. Detective is the first non-#1 DC book I’ve pulled since the New 52.

    • DC is 90% of my pull list too. I was against the new 52 at first but now I love it. I can pretty much read anything now and not have to worry about 40 years of continuity. Kinda nice.

      Not that I care about business competition either, but I’m sure looking at market share one of the main reasons Marvel is comparable to DC is because of the $3.99 double shipping. Imagine if the top DC titles were $3.99 and double shipping? Might be a different story. Being as DC is so high up without having to do that says something to me. I get a few Marvel titles like Hawkeye, Daredevil and Scarlet Spider. But the only $3.99 double shipping title I currently get is Amazing Spider-Man. And I will be dropping that one after issue #700. I can afford to get the new Justice League of America, Katana and one other DC title for the price of one Spider Man title. I like variety.

    • I agree that the double shipping at $3.99 is crap, but unfortunately it looks like its working for Marvel. Anyway, iFanboy has definitely had an impact on my pull list. Before discovering this website, I used to be 90%+ Marvel but now along with Marvel I get 7 DC monthly titles, 4 Image (almost monthly) titles, even a Dark Horse title! Good comics are good comics no matter who publishes it

    • I agree with Ken. I’ve always kind of found it silly that you have to either be a DC fanboy or a Marvel fanboy. If both companies are putting out good books or telling good stories, it really shouldn’t matter.

      With all that being said, I’m currently spending more time on Marvel books or Image and Dark Horse books than I am DC. Personally, I’m only reading 3 DC books and that’s probably gonna drop to only 2 in the near future. I feel that the only consistently solid book coming out of DC is Wonder Woman. It’s just that very few of their creators or stories that they are currently telling interest me in the least.

      Right now, I think Marvel has a better line up of writers and artists than DC, and Image and Dark Horse are simply putting out constantly amazing content that puts both Marvel and DC to shame. Just my opinion tough.

    • All I meant was DC is putting out a ton of good books and I’m not interested in anything MARVEL has done lately. Don’t know nuffin bout market shares and double ships like whatever you folks are talking about. I read Walking Dead too. I would like to read those books Waid is doing with BOOM too but they are way too expensive.

    • I am definitely in agreement regarding the push against the Marvel/DC binary. Up until a year ago, I only read trades and OGNs, and the New 52 sucked me into the single issue pull-list territory. Last September I was pulling about 8 or 10 DC titles, 5 Marvel, and 1 or 2 Image. As quality has waned in a lot of the New 52 stuff, I’ve cut back to just Batman, DC, Wonder Woman, and JL. I imagine the same thing will happen with Marvel NOW. I love a lot of writers in Marvel’s stable right now like Remender, Hickman, Aaron, and Fraction, so I’m willing to give their new books a go for 3 or 4 issues, but this time next year I’ll probably be back down to a half dozen or fewer Marvel books. Also, Image is about half my pull, and something from Dark Horse, IDW, or Boom pops up now and again. My allegiance goes to good storytelling and art, not specific characters or publishers.

    • I definitely lean towards DC and really enjoy their books. Right now I’m reading all the GL’s including Red Lanterns and still diggin’ them all. 3 or 4 Batman books including Catwoman( which is on the fence) and even Batgirl and Batwoman.Not to forget Aquaman and the Flash. However I’ve recently discovered Saga (thanks to this website) and other books from companies that aren’t the big 2.Shadowman from Valiant just came out and I loved it and their other titles are quickly making their way on to my pull list. Peter Cannon Thunderbolt from Dynamite is great also . There’s so much out there that I feel I’d be doing myself a disservice if I bought books according to the publisher. I understand people are going to buy what they like I’m not hating. As far as the big 2 I agree with robbydzwonar… DC is killing it .Marvel has good books and characters but their double shipping sucks. I only buy a few of their 2.99 books(Venom ,Punisher Max and Scarlet Spider are about it). I think Captain America Now is going to be a once a month so I’m going to check it out but if goes to double I’ll drop it also. I want variety and spending $8 a mont on one title is just too much.

    • I’ve tried a few Marvel titles as well and been disappointed. I buy all the Bat books and Swamp Thing. The only Marvel book I’ve liked lately is Daredevil. Been thinking about giving Image’s Saga a try, thanks to this site.

  4. SPOILERS: Layman definitely had a neat idea about how Batman fights against Ivy’s control and maybe he’ll have a similarly fresh take on fighting Clayface but I am really starting to worry that he is going the Loeb route- just cram as many characters in as you can with little regard to whether or not it works. I still enjoy it but I would have been perfectly content to just have Penguin as the only brand name villain.

  5. i gave this a 3, it wasnt as great as the first issue was and im not too intrested in the direction the story is headed as of right now. I may check in later again but im dropping for now

  6. This series has gotten a lot better with Layman on it. His story and the way he rights just reminds of Batman: The Animated Series for some reason. So its pretty good, is what I’m getting at.

  7. I’ve read friends copy of this issue and Layman’s really turned it around. Will have to try and track down #13 and add to pull list. Curse you DC just when I was getting my pulllsit down.

  8. I felt a bit bored by this. Going to drop it

  9. Not everything is black and white here and Layman does a good job writing about the gray areas. Fabok’s art was alright but as usual Andy Clarke was the real star in my opinion!

  10. Why is poison ivy wearing clothes under her leaves

  11. Layman is killing it! What a turnaround to the first few issues of the series. Awesome story and artwork. Nice job!

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