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  1. Surgeon General’s Warning: Reading Destroyer may cause spontaneous human combustion — THIS BOOK IS HOT!

    Ha, awesome. Very excited.

  2. hawt!

  3. Great stuff.

  4. I hear if you read two Kirkman books in a row that came out this week, it’ll take at least 96 hours for the blood to come ALL the way off your hands.


    And yes, this could-have-been-shit book is GREAT.

  5. Destroyer’s super power: the uncanny ability to lose a gallon of blood and not die.

    Either that or he absorbs the mass amount of blood that he is doused in from exploding opponents. 

  6. This book is what MAX Punisher: The End should’ve been.

  7. Felt like a very quick read and not as entertaining as the earlier issues.

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