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Still reeling from the Harmory job, Deathstroke seeks answers from a super villain arms manufacturer. But when Slade storms the weapon maker’s fortress, he finds himself face to face with a new threat known only as “Legacy” and a plot to manipulate Slade that runs far deeper than he could ever have imagined!


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. This title desperately needs a creative team change before this gets sacked. I like the character, just not how Higgins and Bennett are presenting it.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more. This book knows what it is and it’s great at it. I love it.

  3. What would be incredible would be Simon Bisley doing the interiors.

  4. I am not buying this title because I plan to give the first trade a try, but I am a fan of Bennett’s work and think that the interiors look strong in this title.

  5. Dropped.

  6. There are so many good books that have come out of The New 52 and this is one of them at the top for sure! I like everything from the action to the story on this title only thing is; Deathstrokes new costume is a little weak. I liked the old one a lot however, I am sure after to awhile it will probably grow on me as well. Can’t wait to get of work and read this one as well.

    Just sayin’,


  7. ugh. I really liked the first 2 issues suprisingly but it really dropped the ball for me here. No longer impressed. 2.5/5 Dropped.

  8. Picked this up just for the Biz covers…I like the storyline and interior art, but I’m not LOVING it. This may get dropped if Simon Bisley stops doing the covers!

  9. 4.5 rating for me; I just can’t get enough of Slade. He is seriously out to kick ass and build up a name, maybe a couple of super heroes are next and he will really become thee most dangerous man in the DC world. (Does’nt always drink beer but when he does it’s the beer from the dead hand of the most intresting man in the world!!)

    Just sayin’,


  10. I am a HUGE deathstroke fan, but this title is fast approaching drop status. Too many nameless villains (presumably so he is allowed to kill them) with little in the way of actual character development. Huge step back in terms of the costume. I will pay attention in case of a creative team change, bit this may get a month more of my money tops as is. Sad.
    If you have never read deathstroke before, read the judas contract story.

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