The arena isn’t the only thing to be afraid of anymore… After last month’s harrowing deathmatch, the heroes fear for their lives every waking moment as the secret combatant sealed up in the prison’s high security wing is unleashed…

Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Carlos Magno

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I really love this series. The art is fantastic, the characters are pretty damn cool – even if they are mostly based on other DC and Marvel heroes. I really love this book. Paul Jenkins has written some great stuff and some mediocre stuff – this is really great and I’m happy I got on board with the $1 first issue. This series is worth $4 to me.

  2. Does it end with issue 6?

  3. Love this series!

  4. Probably my favorite on-going series. The mystery is intriguing, each issue has important developments, and the characters are interesting enough that I’d probably read prequel series about them. (Too bad the dog died in issue one… I love superhero dogs.)

  5. Way more people would pull this book if they would just read it.

    This is REALLY REALLY well-written book.

    Jenkins could write 4 series based on the background tidbits. He’s got this entire world written down and sketched out…Second Force, The Rift–those are clearly cool stories..that have already happened. (I want to read those stories Jenkins!)

    This and last issue have deepened the mystery of Omni-Engine. I seriously want to know what the f happened with him.

    Favorite line of this issue.
    Rat, to Sol Invictus, after strangling him with barbed wire:
    “Metal Wire. Doesn’t believe in your destiny.”

    I have no idea what the sales are like now, but my feeling is that this series will be “discovered” in trades after it ends.

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