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  1. How many people will get this because they think it’s about the band/cartoon Dethklok?

  2. @captbastard – there are a lot of idiots out there…

    I love me some Deathlok, I even have his Marvel Legends figure, but this stories going to have to wait for trade for me to read it.

  3. I didn’t realize this was a Marvel Knights tale.

    Normally I wouldn’t think much of a mini for Deathlok. But 9 times out of 10 a MK title is at the least great to read. Giving it a try in trade for sure.

  4. Every few years Marvel lets loose with a new Deathlok mini and every few years i buy the first issue only to be dissapointed. Not this time. It’s sad that my fondest memory of Deathlok is his role in Maximum Carnage

  5. Charlie Huston has done some nice work for the last couple of weeks. This could be could, I wouldnt lose hope @RoiVampire.

  6. I loved Huston’s Moon Knight run, as well as his novel work. Guess I’m kind of a Charlie Huston fanboy. I’ve been excited for this book since San Diego. Hope it doesn’t let me down.

  7. I always thought Deathlok was cool growing up but I read more of the the Michaels Collins as Deathlok instead of the Luther Manning stuff.

  8. ehhhh this book had too much going on. I had never read a comic with seemingly so much speech bubbles littered throughout the book

  9. @Rocket: Agreed, I could have done with out the TV commentary.

  10. i could have done without the ##### too. i mean its marvel knights cant they just use the real words?

  11. I couldn’t get into this at all.

  12. It was too wordy.

    iFanbase, What do you think about the art?

    I just got my copy and Mr. Medina signed it for me.

  13. @NathanNicadan the art was the best part of the comic.

  14. @JesTr Thanks. Makes me proud to be a Filipino.

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