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  1. This has been a great mini series so far.

    The main series has been a lot of fun the last few weeks, but I wish this was the ongoing instead. I like seeing Deadpool mix with the big names from the MU, Punisher, Daredevil and now Spider-man. Awesome!

  2. After seeing a preview for this, I am really kicking myself hard for not picking this mini up.

  3. I like the cover of this. It’s a nice throw-back to Amazing Spiderman #1, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

  4. @SteenAR: AMAZING FANTASY #15

  5. I refused to pick this mini up due to Bensons pile of garbage annual or one shot he did like 6 months back. But this cover alone makes me wanna get it.


    also, did this get another issue added on? i thought it was a 4 part when it started. 

  6. yup  🙂 

  7. Awesome. I’ve never seen an homage to Amazing Fantasy #15 before… definitely not a Deadpool one…

  8. there have been a few.  there was in spiderman a few weeks ago and another deadpool one a while back.  didnt know if u were being sarcastic

  9. Yeah, I guess I didn’t lay it on thick enough. Just make a mental note that 2/3rds of my posts are sarcastic.

  10. @ fvckstick

    I picked up the one-shot (was it called Games of Death or something) and this mini is much better – the plot is as thin, but the action and humour is great.

     Any excuse to have DP interact with the greater MU.

  11. i know its lame but i can’t get enough deadpool. the bullseye/hawkeye/whatever arc in the main series was a riot.

     though i’m sure this’ll be funny, nothing tops meat suit.

  12. nothing lame about that

  13. @conor thanks for the correction. i thought i recognized it. i can’t decide if i want to pick this up or not.

  14. This is way more like Deadpool than "Merc With A Mouth". This issue was fun and violently packed, which I loved. The opening "OZ" page was great & I love the first dialouge battle bwt Deadpool & Spider-Man.

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