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  1. This title is about 2 seconds from being dropped, this month last chance

  2. I love this series…except this crossover and that mega shitty one shot is really depressing my Deadpool craze. I hope this is a solid issue and can get this crossover story moving.


    @piscespaul – did you read the Messiah War Prequal One shot? Deadpool wasn’t as good as Way does it, but it wasn’t too bad. 

  3. I have no worries about this issue. This is going to be 100% better then the Thunderbolts issue of this crossover.

    Plus the Taskmasker is involved in this? (A slight nod to the final Cable/Deadpool arc) Win Win for me.

  4. There should be a rule that every writer who wants to write Deadpool has to pitch his story to Joe Kelly, Fabain Nicenza and Daniel Way. The one shot stunk but Way is doing a realy good with him.

  5. I really miss the Taskmaster from Agent X. The reluctant partner gig was hilarious.

  6. I just realised how popular Deadpool has gotten lately.

    He’s been on animated films, he’s been in video games, he’s gonna be in the Wolverine film, he’s got a mini coming out, his self titled series is constantly a top 12 book on this site.

    You all joke about Deadpool and the fans….but he’s gained an enormous popularity boost in the last 9 months.

  7. Well, popularity doesn’t equal quality *cough*Britney Spears*cough* but it’s good to see more DP! Wait, that sounded bad …

  8. @ piscespaul – I agree I’ve been pretty cold on this series for about 3 issues. It started strong but has really gone down hill. Unless this issue is amazing this book is dropped. 

    @ TheNextChampion – Did you notice DP is one of the only characters not to get shown by name in the new Wolverine trailer? It was pretty much only him and Blob, everyone else was mentioned by name. Strange… 

  9. I can’t drop it.. I need my DP fix.. but damn Way needs to be dropped.. I’m suprised DP is doing so well beecause Way doesn’t seem to have the heart in DP.



  10. Am I the only person enjoying this crossover?  It’s action-packed and lots of fun.

  11. @USPUNX: Well Ryan Reynolds stated he does have a big role in the film….But you are right they are not focusing him at all in the trailer. But hey Marvel did annouced they put even more scenes of Wade in the film…plus Ari Avrid and Reynolds wants a Deadpool film out in the worst way….So it could still be gravy for Deadpool.

    @Wade: Britney Spears and DP in the same sentence? You marvelous bastard! 🙂

  12. Guys go to and you’ll see a ton of info on DP in the Wolvie movie. Some of it makes me sad, some of it makes me angry, but all of it is pretty interesting.

     @SUNNYVALETRASH — Nope, I’m having fun with it as well. I also didn’ think the one-shot was all that bad either.

  13. Taskmaster makes everything better.

     And. admittedly, this crossover hasn’t been horrible.


  14. @Kreider: Why what makes Deadpool’s appearence so sad and angry?….

    I mean it’s not like they are going to ruin the character? Heh right?…..Right?…..RIGHT!?

  15. @TNC (((SPOILERS)))  (((SPOILERS)))

    (((SPOILERS)))  (((SPOILERS)))

    I just think that this could go either really well or be a disaster.

  16. @Kreider: Okay that cant be true. Cause on IMDB the actor playing Weapon XI is not Reynolds and plus if wikipedia is to be believed it makes sense why he has two swords in the first place for the mutant. I dont think there’s any problem with Deadpool right now for the film.


    But what is a big deal is how sweet this issue was and it was totally POTW worthy. Great issue, thank god Way/Medina is back. No more Benson or Diggle please

  17. I believe Adkins is just the Stunt double.

    This was an awesome read POTW for shizzle.

    I have to hide my eyes pics of DP/Wade/XI are all over the net  with the leak this morning.. The Devil & Angel on my shoulders have been talking about it all day.

  18. This is a great book – any book that would make me want to read Thunderbolts is a success. And Taskmaster works so well in small doses.

  19. Wow! 21.7% For POTW status already?

    Geez usually it goes all the way down by this point once I make it my pick…See? The ifanbase is totally into Deadpool right now. Just like Secret Six or some other gem the trinity doesnt read.

  20. Awesome read…i’m so relieved. DP 8 wasnt all that great, but Way pulled this crossover out of the grave it seemed to be heading into. Great read.

  21. Black Widow needs to be transferred over to Deadpool and become his reluctant love interest. They are so made for each other.

  22. Oh wow I spoke waay to soon….now down to 4.1% 🙁

    Well if I liked it then the POTW percentage doesnt matter. Did anyone else notice the error with Black Widow? When she says: ‘He is in plane!’….shouldnt there be a ‘the’ after ‘in’? Nitpick for sure but it bothered me a bit.

  23. Russian accent. 


    That said, I was a bit disappointed with this issue. This series has been on a bit of a downward trend since the issue where Bob came back, and I’m getting ready to drop it. At least for a while. It was fun to have Deadpool back for a while, but it’s pretty much impossible to get any sort of development or lasting resonance with this character.  

  24. dropped

  25. @NextChamp


    I’m with ya.  I loved it.  Black widow & Dp was great..  And TaskMaster was so freakin’ perfect.  they had a great dynamic together. No setup or backstory just DP & TM good buddies fighting.. TM should hang out more often

  26. I really enjoyed this issue. I could read Deadpool and Taskmaster for days.


  27. @MrPopular: I literally forgot about Taskmaster having a history with Deadpool. But hey I hope this issue indicates we’ll see more of him in the future.

  28. @TNC: 1.5%. ohhh, that’s a shame!

  29. @edward: Yeah I know….did not think that comment threw.

    But I’ll take the 1.5% any dsy of the week.

  30. 1.1%

  31. @edward: Okay we get it….(now to 1%)

  32. The plane gag was great.  Such a good book.

  33. @MrPopular: I agree completely.


    I was thrilled when this book started a an SI book but I’ve loved it ever since.  I find it very humerous.

  34. back to 1.4%. my bowals might exploded at any second now!

  35. @edward: It must’ve exploded cause it’s at 2%!!

    (I cant tell if we’re making fun of this book’s popularity or the ifanboy POTW percentage in general….)

  36. the bowals had now exploded with pressure raising in the testicles!!

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