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  1. I love deadpool! anyone looking to get into a new title…this is the one!

  2. This is a a great comic and I notice I look forward to this more that most others. I like the fact that they are pulling deadpool in more into the mainstream Marvel U.

  3. Only one more issue till the Thunderbolts crossover! Yay!

    Btw, I really love these covers for Deadpool. I think they are some of the best in the Marvel side of comics.

  4. I am really looking forward to the T Bolts crossover too.

  5. I really like the artist to the comic, and Way is really good at writing for Deadpool, who is just as crazy as ever. I was also happy that Bob returned, since he is one of my favorite minor characters.

  6. yay deadpool this week. if he ends up being the hero for dark reign that wwould be great. imagine him as normans new spiderman. deadpool just showing up to ruin his day…….I know its not going to happen, but i can dream dammit.

    Plus with bob back there is only a matter of time till weasl.

  7. YES!  DEADPOOL WEEK!!!   i love this book.

  8. Fantastic.

  9. I prefer DP to stay away from the regular Marvel U … but, Way & Medina are killing on this book, so I can’t complain.

  10. Can’t wait. 

  11. In the old days the only thing Deadpool ever dreamed of is either the head of his arch-nemesis Cable or Cable’s team mate Domino these days he tried to fight for his miserable assasin ass against The Sub-Mariners’s arch foe Tiger Shark as he also do his best to keep Bob the Agent of Hydra alive what a coincedence.

  12. Yay!

  13. If my memory serves me right, I think there is a Deadpool poster that is also coming out this week.

  14. Huey Lewis and the News

    That’s all I need to say.

  15. yes! hes playing a bigger role in dark reign. bring on the thunderbolts

  16. This run is still going strong.

  17. This book is losing my faith in Daniel Way.. 

  18. die hard references for the win.

  19. Here’s something that bugged me when you think about it out of context.

    Norman Osborn is suppose to be intelligent, and now has the power to get help from any villain in the Marvel U. If that is the case, how on earth did he think Tigershark and Bob: Agent of HYDRA were the best choices to kill Deadpool? Seriously, he gets his Thunderbolts after him next issue….but why werent his first choice?

    Did Tigershark and Bob just suddenly shot up in the respect of villains everywhere? It’s a nitpick but it’s been rattling my brain all morning.

  20. @tnc Bob because he was easy to intiminate and he knew deadpool. tiger shark is so low rent that who would think him and norman are in cahoots

  21. I’m really hoping to be wowed by the Thunderbolts crossover. I almost dropped this book before and the zombie arc saved it for me. Now I’m hoping it can wow me again.

  22. @TNC I agree.  Beyond that after C&D stuff with Bob you would think Bob would give Deadpool a call and give him a heads up. 

  23. @MrPopular: Well I mean, if I was Osborn….I would’ve thrown in Hood, or Venom, or somebody more menacing then Tiger Shark or Bob after Wilson.

  24. not enough arguing with himself this issue.  Still enjoyed it, but thats wht I love the the guy.


    @TNC  Yeah, bob is a big pussy.  and I dont think i’ve ever read a book with tigershark in it until now.

  25. The Die Hard references and Huey Lewis appearances were fantastic.

  26. isnt tigershark a namor villian?  bob is a cowered that will do what he can to survive.  i also think that norman was underestemating Deadpool.

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