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The end begins here! Deadpool has now fixated on achieving the one thing that’s always been beyond his reach – death. Not an easy thing for an un-killable man to achieve, but that’s not gonna stop him from trying.

But first, he must figure out the all-important question: How? What in the world can kill Deadpool? It has to be big. It has to be powerful beyond description. It has to be…green?

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Bong Dazo & Joe Pimental
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Dave Johnson

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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Way has been kinda building this up for a bit with Deadpool thinking about dying at points in certain arcs. Also, it looks like we’re kinda bringing back the great issue Kelly/McGuinness did in the old Deadpool run.

  2. best cover of the week

  3. super excited for this. i feel that deadpools inner voices should be used more. the first few issues had hysterical comments made by his 2 voices.

    good stuff and awesome cover!!

  4. Wow, a nice cover finally! Hope Johnson stick around for them….

  5. Can’t wait for someone to review this!

  6. Shame that Way didn’t go further into why Deadpool wants to kill himself. Still if I know him after the Bullseye arc, this fight with Hulk is only going to get better and better. Also, great art by Dazo as usual.


  7. Bong Dazo… where have you been all my life???

  8. Terrible.

  9. @comicBOOKchris  

    Wow deep and insiteful, I must listen to your opinions more.

    comic bad
    me good

  10. Why should I waste my time with more criticism? It’s not an interesting failure or something to get in depth about. Just bad. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go concern myself with much more interesting books.

  11. @comicBOOKchris  

    Personally I think it was fantastic: AND HERE’S WHY:

    The story moves smoothly from beginning to end, and has a wonderful ending, though not as funny as issue #36’s ending.
    The art is well done with convincing movement.
    Way continues a good dialogue between DP and his inner voices, as well as excellent dialogue between Hulk and DP.

    I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed most of the space-hero arc. 

  12. @TheSquirrel  Way to stick it to the hater, man.

  13. Fine, but only because you asked for it…

    For 36 issues, it’s been obvious that Daniel Way isn’t interested in telling a story, but instead wants to create a nonstop gag book with Family Guy-esque non-sequiter jokes and no character development. If you look at Gail Simone’s run, Joe Kelly’s run, and Mark Waid’s overlooked yet wonderful mini series, you’ll see how it’s possible to balance absurdist humor, exciting action and even relatable drama that makes Wade seem human and three dimensional.

    But here? “Deadpool gets involved with Norman Osborn AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!” that was ok, as it was just empty laughs, but it’s forgivable because it was the start of the series. But then we got “NOW Deadpool wants to be a hero, so he meets the X-Men AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!”, which has more empty laughs and ends at a randomly as it started, and then we get “NOW Deadpool wants to be a hero so he meets Spider-Man AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!” Empty laughs, no story progression, no character development. Rinse and repeat. Then we had a rather brief arc where Wade hooks up with Weasel again, and I’ll admit that this was pretty ok. But then, we’re back to business as usual. “Deadpool wants to be a hero so meets the Secret Avengers AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!” More of the same. And as dependable as the rising sun, we get another hollow arc: “Deadpool goes to space AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!”

    This is the comic version of Two And A Half Men. No story development, not even any real jokes…just constant gags. “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Deadpool was in space? Hee Hee, he’s so wacky.” If we had this in a limited series or something like that, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad since there would be an END. But instead, we have a writer is just concerned with throwing whatever random wackiness he can think of onto the wall. You want an interesting story about Deadpool on the lines of heroism? Read the Joe Kelly issues leading up to Dead Reckoning.

    With this issue, the cycle is starting again. “Deadpool wants to die, so he tries to get the Hulk to kill him AND HILARITY ENSUES! HYUCK HYUCK HYUCK!” If this is anything like that never ending hero mega-arc, it’s seems that we’re going to get a Guest Star of The Week for every arc who Deadpool gets to try and kill him, and will have zero lasting implications and zero memorable scenes or jokes like we got from Simone’s, Kelly’s, or Waid’s series. And let’s not forget Cable/Deadpool. Masterful. Luckily, we have DeadpoolMAX around for a little while longer and we have Remender’s pitch perfect depiction of Wade.

    So yeah, because you asked, that’s why this is terrible.

  14. @comicbookchris: Okay if your idea of a good Deadpool series is a MAX run with:

    Shit jokes
    Sex Jokes
    Gay Jokes
    Random Violence

    And it’s written by one of the most overrated and over the top writers who does nothing but those type of comic books then you need to see the contradiction in that.

    You said you quit the series months ago but here you are, still buying it and giving us fans a hard time about it. Talk about condradictions… 

  15. @comicbookchris: Also, if you’ve been paying attention on reading this series Way has had a loosely connected plot of Deadpool wanting to kill himself since the SI tie-in ended. So in a way this is a culmination of what Way has been doing for the past 36 issues.

    Maybe we don’t want an epic, 40+ story arc that connects everything together. Maybe having a new storyline ever 3 issues is a good thing especially for a humor book. I would’ve been sick of this book by now if Way was still putting Deadpool in space, or fighting Hit-Monkey, or continually fighting Bullseye. It needs to be fresh every two to three months a new arc comes out. 

  16. If you aren’t interested in continuity or a large saga of a story then why do you read comics?

  17. @Smutty  I wouldn’t be reading comics if it were not for Deadpool.

  18. @Smutty  @DoctorDP  Same here, two of my all time favorite runs in comics was Deadpool by Kelly and Cable/Deadpool. He’s such a fun character, which is why when he’s written like crap it annoys me.

  19. @DoctorDP
    Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run is one of my favourite runs of all time, the character had depth and the story actually advanced. This series is just getting silly, and it pains me to see one of my favourite characters reduced to a joke that is in the same vein as MAD magazine

  20. @Smutty  I have to disagree: the story has advanced. You have to look at it as a story of Deadpool deciding who and what he wants to be.

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