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‘I Rule, You Suck,’ Part 1 of 2.

Deadpool blowing away vampires — how @#$%ing cool is that? Wait…he’s not blowing away vampires? He’s protecting vampires? That doesn’t sound cool at all.

Written by Daniel Way
Art by Bong Dazo
Cover by Dave Johnson

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  1. First time ever that a premise for this series isn’t interesting me all that much. I hate vampires so much…

    But Bong Dazo back on a Deadpool book brings a smile to my face. 

  2. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe some other time.

  3. Lol that solicit made me chuckle

  4. I’ve actually yet to pick up a deadpool title but the synopsis caught my attention so I’ll be checking this out

  5. Bong Dazo was awesome on Merc With A Mouth.  Looking forward to this.

  6. Not interested in vampires…completely HATE what Marvel has done to their Dracula and never had an interest in mutant stuff.

    But, I read Deadpool so I guess I’m going to have to deal with it for a little bit.

  7. Best issue of the series in a long time.

    Had so much fun with Deadpool refusing to call any vampire anything other then Dracula. Plus Bong Dazo’s art is so good, I wish I could see more of it other then this two issue arc. Seriously, a great start to a short story if anyone wants to jump on board.


  8. a two issue arc? really? i hope they do a Chaos War: Deadpool a month after the event ends too.

  9. This was actually really good.  Best issue since the Bullseye arc.

  10. Read it a few hours ago…I didn’t really see anything that special about it. The whole vampire thing is pretty lame, especially Dracula’s pathetically bad new look, the only good thing about this was DP calling all vampires Dracula.
    I’m kind of glad this is just a two-parter, it’s part of an event that I haven’t read more than previews of and have less than no interest in.

    Of course this series has been kind of flat for a long time…it’s on the chopping block for me right now…I’m hoping it improves after this whole vampire thing is over with.

  11. The best issues of this series have been when it’s DP vs other random, not-known characters … like in this issue. This issue made me literally LOL more than once.

    When the book tries to focus on other known characters & takes itself serious on any level, it fails. (IMO)

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