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• Deadpool vs. Dead Presidents…this time, TRICKY DICK NIXON!

• Can even Doctor Strange help the M w/the M?

• This is the Deadpool series you will marry someday!

Story by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Art by Tony Moore
Colors by Val Staples
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Geof Darrow, Peter Doherty, & Daniel Acuna

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. The 2nd issue really showcased how great this new run can be with Duggan and Posehn. I am still laughing at the ‘elephant in the room’ line towards the end.

    Also: How amazing have these covers been? Thank god for Geof Darrow.

    • I completely agree. I feel like in a lot of cases bringing dead presidents back to life would be lame but they’re doing it right. They just made it into a fun comic book to read.

  2. Deadpool hitting a Jean-Claude Van Damme style kick while blasting Checkers, this pretty much somes up how great this has been so far.

  3. It’s interesting how well Deadpool works in a supernatural setting.

  4. 4 more years of Duggan, Posehn and Moore.

  5. I am really loving this book and it is refreshing to read a great Deadpool after sticking with Way’s entire run. Hopefully the quality stays because I do remember loving the first year or so of Way’s Deadpool.

  6. best issue yet i felt

  7. I laughed a lot while reading this book. Poor Gerald “Stumbles” Ford. I honestly didn’t see that death coming. Hilarious!

  8. Who doesn’t love a great Arrested Development reference as well? Another great issue from this team. So glad to have a good Deadpool book again.

  9. This book has been great, and I hate Deadpool! I think that’s a testament to how good this creative team is.

  10. Another great issue Deadpool, who would have thunk it

  11. I did not like Way on Deadpool. He changed the character a lot and took him away from everything that character originally was. Now they have finally brought back some of Deadpool’s darker side. I am really loving this series and made this my pick of the week.

  12. DEADPOOL #1 was the 4th best selling comic in November behind All-New X-Men, Batman, and Captain America.

  13. Moore’s art seemed a little sloppier in this issue than the first two, but this was still a very fun read. The dead presidents gag might been overstaying its welcome, but I’m interested to see where this will go after the first arc is done.

  14. Very fun read every month.

  15. there’s a silliness that i can not overcome.
    it’s a shame because Deadpool is one of my favorite characters of all time, but i haven’t enjoyed him since the beginning of Way’s run after Secret Invasion.

  16. Much thanks for your kind comments everyone — I can’t wait for you to get to the end of this arc, there are a few surprises that go beyond gags – and we hope you all stick around for the long haul. As Dr Deadpool pointed out – you made us # 4! Holy shit.

    Stick something fun in your stocking from Brian, Tony, Val and everyone at Marvel from us.


  17. This is great and I really hope Tony Moore isnt going anywhere for a long time

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