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  1. So many X-Men fans are going to be pissed if this actually happens.

    Especially when they see what the image that is ‘classified’ on the cover. I already know what it is, but won’t spoil it for you.

    Bring it on Way!!!

  2. When did this become a weekly book?

  3. this week

  4. Yay, Paco Medina’s back!

  5. Yeah, I thought this just dropped last week …. anyways.

    Man, I LOVE that cover!

  6. YAY!  No more fat neck deadpool

  7. Saw the preview, was really excited Wade’s best stuff. Let’s up Way kicks it up a notch.

  8. please let this be bi weekly. please please


  9. More, more Deadpool I say.  I psyched that this is coming out again so soon.

  10. Other then the very groan inducing gay jokes….I liked this issue a lot. Mainly because this was a very serious look into Deadpool’s mind. There were good jokes mixed in with it. But this was as serious of a Deadpool comic your going to get.

    So mainly people are going to be pissed if he joins the X-Men. So many people…

  11. Great read.

  12. This wasnt bad… I have been in and out of Deadpool since the beginning and sometimes it hits and sometimes it definatly misses but for me this was very in the middle… I wanna say 3.5 out of 5

  13. i hope he joins the X-men.  it could be fun.

  14. I liked this. Daniel Way + Deadpool seems to = good so I think I shall keep reading.

  15. … when Deadpool goes "OUT THERE" it get’s on my nerves. But when Deadpool’s stories go in an actual direction as opposed to just being anthologies then I’m sold. That said I think people would agree that Suicide Kings was a good run.

  16. I enjoyed Suicide Kings.

    Fun little issue here.  The reference to "Ed" cracked me up.

  17. a member of the x-men?

  18. Best Way so far… only took 15 issues.  

  19. Deadpool should of been a Dark X-Men

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