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  1. I dropped this when he shot himself in the head…now it’s just overboard.  I love Deadpool, but this is losing its appeal.  I love him interacting with the rest of the Marvel U.  Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen here.

  2. Ha! Wave of mutilation. I get it!

  3. its a song ya dingus

  4. @peterparker: thanks

  5. Weird that this story arc is bi-weekly. Guess they wanna get this out of the way before….DEADPOOL JOINS THE X-MEN! AWWW YEAAAH!

    Looking forward to this issue.

  6. Part 1 & 2? Huh?

  7. "Hello my name is Deadpool but you can call me DP.  You might have noticed I’m appearing in more books lately and your right!  I’m here to announce my campaign to be Marvel’s new poster child.  Sure Wolverine is cool and all but he’s old, stale, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth (check the teeth marks [shhh, shut up!!!]).  Anyway vote for or I’ll kill you!!! Oh and I love babies, bye."

  8. I’ll buy it, because i need my Deadpool fix. But it’s slowly killing me.  It’s like Daniel Way is making a mockery of Deadpool.  With all these ongoing DP titles I just wish someone would take him back being someone who hates his face. Who keeps cracking jokes so he doesn’t have to face real life problems.  Those older DP books in the house with Blind Al.. that is serious some grade A stuff. With every issue i buy of Deadpool I feel like i’m helping fortify the enemy. 

  9. Everyone needs to relax. This is just a simple two issue story before Way does back into a major storyline. Deadpool is going to go back into the Marvel U in a big way and this is just a small sample for new readers.

    Don’t we complain a lot when comics don’t do 2 issue arcs anymore?

  10. I did not think I would like a two issue arc about pirates, the 1st issue showed me I was wrong. Since Suicide Kings has finished this is the only Deadpool monthly I’m getting…looking forward to it.

  11. the last issue was a bit of a disapointment for me, but hoping that was simply a set up for this issue. also i think the next couple of issues are gonna have to do with whats going on in the marvel U. i sont know if this is gonna have an upswing soon but it could, and thats enough to keep me reading it.

  12. the arts really taking away from my experience on this.  I only gave this 3 stars

  13. This was a bit better then the last issue to be honest. It’s no where near as good as the previous Deadpool issues. But this was a soild two issue arc before more craziness happens.

  14. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I love the funny! And this shit is funny. This is the first issue I’ve picked up, and I think it’s safe to say, I’ll be returning.

  15. i think the next issue will be a bit better. god knows that deadpool is at his most hilarious when he’s both interacting with heroes and trying to be a hero himself.

  16. Is Deadpool on a weekly release now?

  17. @Mustbedamned: Ha, me and my buddy were saying the same thing. With all the titles out it seems that way. I think the last issue came out 2 weeks ago.

  18. Is there some kind of significance to the two different thought boxes for Deadpool? That seemed to be something new Way started with this series.

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