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  1. dropped last month

  2. I was hoping for a break from the DR stuff, but will continue reading.

  3. haven’t been reading but Bullseye/hawkeye should provide some good fun against deadpool

  4. Makes me nostalgic for Joe Kelly’s great Deadpool vs. Bullseye issue back in the day. 

  5. This should be good. I mean sure it’s more Dark Reign bullshit.

    But a rematch between Bullseye and Deadpool? I’m in

  6. I do hope that this book doesnt suddenly turn into every arc will be Deadpool fighting the Dark Avengers. Fighting Bullseye is a great idea; but then fighting Venom or Sentry? Overkill

  7. I didn’t pick this up when it started because I didn’t think I wanted another monthly, but I think I’m gonna jump on board with this issue because I really love Bullseye as Hawkeye.

  8. I think this book works better in it’s own little pocket of the Marvel U & not focus on DR or anything else like that. The best parts of this series have had nothing to do with DR (the zombie story) I think because with a character like this the writer needs no boundaries, to just let loose & you can’t do that when trying to tie into other books.

    Anyways, I just hope this issue is better than the last issue of Thunderbolts, which was craaaaaaap.

  9. Also, check this out if you wanna see how  Deadpool should have looked in Wolverine Origins —

  10. i like the way Deadpool’s little friend is a murder, it makes sense.

  11.  I’m loving Bullseye/ Hawkeye so this seems like a great place to jump in!

  12. I’m digging the book.  I’ve laughed at each issue (for the right reasons).  This should be a good match up between Deadpool and Bullseye

  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Deadpool is lame. He was lame in the movie and he is lame in the comics. There is no way of making this character half way decent.

  14. Well, you are a Kevin Smith. What what do you know. =)

  15. What what do I know? Well I know how to type a coherent sentence unlike you.

  16. Probably not gonna happen in this issue, but I wouldnt be surprised if Way makes fun of the Wolverine film’s "Deadpool" in the future.

  17. This should be awesome.  DP/Bulls rematch.. there is alot of dynamic to make this really good. 

  18. @ kevinsmithfan48

    Look man this website is not like all the others you seem to be accustomed to. This is a community full of people who love comics and can discuss them in an open and adult fashion. If you do not like a character that is fine, but please do not try and start argument.

    If you have reasons you do not like a character and want to post them that is great. But simply going into a titles comments section and saying the character is lame is not constructive and doesn’t add anything to the conversation. When you have actual reasons why you do not like a comic or character there will be plenty of people here who will gladly debate the pros and cons of your argument in an adult fashion.

  19. Advance reviews for this issue are positive. Cool!

  20. Can’t wait… anyone else read that they just announced Deadpool movie spinoff..

  21. Yeah hopefully Marvel can slap Fox across the face and make it good. The article I saw said they were wanting to stay close to the character in the books with lots of banter and some fourth wall breakage.

  22. This was a good issue, I mean the stuff with Deadpool before the fight kinda dragged….but it’s a soild 4 in my books.

    It’s really sad that Deadpool has to use Craigslist to find a job. But culturally relevent 🙂

  23. So first Deadpool issue ive evr read. Picked it up because of Messiah War, and I must say it is very very good. My favorite new book I think.

  24. WOOHOO!  It’s official.  Ryan Renalds will be doing a Deadpool movie.

  25. anybody find it out of character when he shot that guy in the head. i thought his whole thing wasnt just killing random innocent people for money anymore.

  26. @peterporker: But he wasnt innocent; he spread those horrible rumors about that chick. 🙂

  27. not just any rumor but something so horrable that it ruined her life for ever.

  28. yeah still doesnt mean he deserved to die. he usually kills people who have commited serious crimes. who dont feel sorry for what the  have done and never will.

  29. @peterporker: I hear what your saying; but at this point Deadpool is using Craigslist as a means to get money….He’s probably at a point where it doesnt matter who did what. Like an unemployed worker in Detroit.

  30. "Respawn LOL!"

  31. @SilverAgeTom

    That made me laugh like mad.


    POTW for me. 

  32. The respawn sign was fuckin awesome. 

  33. Great comic… It seems like Wade wrote him Very tame in this.. HE didn’t seem to have as many wise cracks.  we didn’t see the white box (even though he talk to himself)

  34. way?

  35. Can’t wait to pick this up!

  36. Funny ish! DP doin’ hits for $500 though?? Dude’s workin’ cheap!

    "LOL Respawn"

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