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  1. I’ve got a soft spot for anthologies for Christmas stories. Wonder if this will help fill that same spot.

  2. Kind of strange that when the entire universe is occupied with a zombie problem, the Halloween special decides to just ignore it.

  3. Loves me some Bizarro.

  4. I am very tempted, but it is hard to justify $6 on a book that I am likely to forget rather quickly.

  5. @stuclach- I heay ya. I liked last years DC Halloween Special a lot, but the scariest thing on this issues cover is the price. *rimshot*

  6. ZING!

  7. Everyone talking about the price on this issue, we are paying 3-4 dollars an issue.  By my math to get 80 pages you need 2-3 books.  So either way we are getting off cheap or paying exactly what we would be if it was a 2 issue mini. 

  8. @forestjwp – Yes, but what if I only budgeted $10 and have already allocated $6 of them. I could have afforded one more book at $3 or $4, but can’t meet budget at $6.

  9. Someone really needs to stop giving Kelley Jones work.

  10. omg that is soooo true lol

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