Ever since he died and became Deadman, Boston Brand has served the deity known as Rama Kushna, inhabiting bodies to complete missions that she dictates. But for the first time, Deadman may have a clue how to gain some control over his “life.”

But the cost may be the souls of the bodies he inhabits!

Cover by RYAN SOOK

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  1. I really enjoyed the first issue of this despite alot of bad reviews i seen….

  2. Will come back for next arc…

  3. Pretty awesome cover, that is. o,O

  4. This was one of the biggest surprises of the new 52. Good stuff!

  5. I missed all of Brightest Day and picked up this and Justice League Dark. I’m enjoying his character and really like the setup of his character. Looking forward to this really inserting him into the larger DCU.

  6. Really torn about this one. I will decide at the store.

  7. Too bad this has such a low pull count because the first issue was a ton of fun. I’m on board.

  8. I considered jumping off after issue 1. Not that it was bad, I felt it didn’t offer anything new. I’m glad I didn’t, issue 2 was an amazing amount of fun. The cover is awesome.

  9. I liked the first issue, but it did move a little slow. Issue 2 was much better. It’s interesting so far. Glad I stuck with it for the second issue.

  10. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna stick with it very long after issue one. This issue made me feel better about it though. It felt like there was a lot more of a direction for the story in this issue.

    I’m on board for this arc at least. I can’t wait to hear who the focus of the next arc will be!

  11. Much improved over the first issue.

  12. Interesting, if only for more of the Vertigo-isation of the DCU.

  13. I enjoyed the more philosophical approach of the first issue but I understood how not everyone would be as keen on it. I think the second issue did great by propelling Deadman into a bit more action. I completely didnt expect to like a solo Deadman story though. My only complaint is that the first story arc is too long. DCU Presents is an anthology title so the story arcs should be kept down to 2-3 issues max. Because its an anthology it should have a frequent rotation so that readers get a variety of characters in and will go check them out elsewhere. Carry the story on too long and you risk the series getting cancelled before it has a chance to highlight anyone else.

  14. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    After a bloated issue one this was low down on my stack, ready to be dropped. What a total surprise for issue 2. The dialogue was sharp, Deadman is brilliantly sardonic and the story has taken a turn for the interesting. Not a frame wasted or a beat missed.

    The pacing and execution of the Deadman infiltrating the club was both exciting and humorous. A highlight of the entire week’s books. Really looking forward to #3, especially knowing that the series will wrap up after only a large handful of issues.

  15. Big improvement over #1, despite a slow start. A lot more fun, not as wordy, the scene in the club was a blast and I loved the bit of Dead Man’s stand up

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