• KID FLASH stars in his first solo adventure, racing against time as he deals with the prehistoric trouble the TEEN TITANS brought back from MYSTERY ISLAND!

Story by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Jorge Jimenez
Colors by Guy Major
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Is this kinda like a one and done story? Or do I need to read Teen Titans?

  2. Is this Bart Allen?

  3. Woohoo! Really looking forward to this! Kinda liking the new Bart.

  4. This was just so much fun.

  5. In one word, this is what Teen Titans isn’t: Fun. (Admittedly, maybe it got better–I dropped off with issue #5) This was an absolute blast. This was tied with Saga for my Pick.

  6. Seems the watchword here is fun, and I can’t disagree. There were better books in my stack this week, but none were more fun.

    Please, DC… PLEASE, let Nicieza write Teen Titans… Or at least a KF spinoff…

  7. Great story. The pisser was the to check-out more read Teen Titans. I quit reading titans cause it was kinda depressing all kidnapped kids, ‘culling ‘ and what not.

  8. This was great….I’ve been loving Dc Universe presents….hope it sticks around.

    For those thinking about picking up Teen Titans….you should its a good book with great characters….not quite as fun as this but very good.

  9. This was a really fun issue that used the one-and-done potential of DC Presents in a way that could really help the rest of the DC line. Why don’t they make it a regular thing where they pick out a fan favourite character from a team book and give them a 30 page story on their own?

    Why not other Teen Titans, Suicide Squad (Harley Quinn perhaps?) or Justice Dark (Zatanna) members getting a chance in the spotlight? How about some characters from The Others (Prisoner of War) or the Birds of Prey (Starling please) etc?

    If it’s really popular they can then graduate to a solo book – market research done!

    I think the title will suceed more if it’s used to build other titles than simply exist on its own.

  10. Can’t wait for Black Lightning next issue.

  11. Really love Kid Flash. This was a fun issue.

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