• Five all-new adventures featuring the Blackhawks’ Mother Machine, Hawk and Dove, Mister Terrific and O.M.A.C. in this super-sized issue!

• Featuring the beginning of storylines that will play out across the entire New 52!

Written by Tony Bedard, James Robinson, Rob Liefeld, & Dan Didio
Art by CAFU, Marat Mychaels, Tom Derenick, & Eric Battle
Cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $5.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Unsure about this one. Didn’t read over half this stuff, but it does look like one of those books that tie things together. Game day decision!

    • Same for me. I have a feeling I will pass on it, but it might surprise me. I had stopped reading Hawk and Dove (whatever happened to Sterling Gates?) and didn’t read the rest, but I will still give it a look.

  2. If this were OMAC #0 i would buy it no problem, but H&D, mother machine and a jacketless Mr Terrific? No thanks.

    • Same here. $5.99 for a collection of cancelled titles? Odd.

      Maybe someone could buy it, pass it along to the next guy for a $1 through snail mail. The last guy holding it could then sell it back to their LCS for a trade-in or a buck. DC makes their money, the reader gets some of their money back, others get to read it at low-cost and the LCS gets a chance to sell it and make some dough.

      Of course, by the time the last guy gets it, 3 months would have passed and he’ll be like, “Why did I agree to this?”

  3. This has a short story for OMAC with Giffen/Didio? Oh boy….that is tough to pass.

  4. I thought it was a great way to resolve all the series that had been ended. It gave you the feel of one of those fun 80’s mash up holiday books or Annuals where there’s a bunch of stories in a book that loosely tie into each other (if they even do that). I’m not sure I’m all that cool with a 5.99 price tag on it…in the 80’s that would have bought you 2 comics, the new Stephen King paperback, a coke, and a Bavarian Hot Pretzel…which you would of course buy at the mall. Because…it’s the 80’s and Tiffany is popular and everyone wants to be Tom Cruise…anyone feeling me here? Anyone?

  5. This book was loads of fun, except for the Rob Liefeld Hawk & Dove garbage. The only saving grace to that H&D story is that he didn’t terrorize us with any of his horrifying illustrations.

  6. So I didn’t pick this up, but could anyone let me know when the Mr. Terrific story takes place? Is he on Earth 2 in the story?

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