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Four new Supermen… a new Batman… the DC Universe has never seen such change. When it comes to the Reign of the new Supermen, not all change is good! Also, witness the fall of the greatest Green Lantern of all time – Hal Jordan! And take a trip to Apokolips and the world of the New Gods!

Written by LEN WEIN

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  1. Man, this cover sums up the exact reading experience I have of 90s DC.

  2. @PraxJarvin  me too

  3. you should have been getting the Flash during the 90’s then

  4. @leigh I was. 

  5. I love this series, I think it should get more love.  The 90’s had some fairly empty comics, though.  Big events and fancy artwork with little heart.  I was looking through my Death of Superman TPB recently, and wow, did it suck.  I think Dan Jurgens has written some really bad stuff.  His artwork is nice and clean, though.

  6. Everything that is wrong with 90s comic books are shown on this cover.

    This is the issue we need to teach people on why it was such a god awful era……shockingly it’ll be a great issue with this series. 

  7. That’s my childhood you guys are stomping on…

  8. I think it’s interesting that most people assume I’m being negative when I say that. Knightfall/end was awesome to me! Having reread it a few times, it’s still pretty awesome. As much as I hated Hal going bad, Emerald Twilight is awesome. I don’t care as much for Death of Superman, but it produced Kon-El so it can’t be all bad. (And the Eradicator Superman. Loved him in Return of Superman, and his costume is pretty badass.)

  9. I’m ready for this series to end now.  I’ll stick it out till the end, but I’m kinda over it.  It’s probably b/c I’m not a hardcore DC guy.

  10. I loved Knightfall/end as well. Probably the second comic arc I ever read. The first was Legends of the Dark Knight: HEAT. I never read death of superman, but my friend was reading it the same time I was reading knightfall and we used to go back and forth about them. Memories…

    @zattaric  – and yet you have wonderwoman as your avatar. (lol, j/k)

  11. Quitely doing a NEW GODS backup!!???!!!???!!! There’s a panel of Darkseid sitting in someone’s living room that is worth the 4 dollars alone. What a way to cleanse your pallet after an issue featuring the history of a pretty shitty era in DC continuity. 

  12. Quitely is in this?!?!

  13. Quite frankly… it was Frank Quitely! You’d think that they would have added his name to the solicits. Awesome 8 page backup!

  14. Sweet! Pulled.

  15. @milez42  Holy shit! And I was close to dropping this. Thanks for the info

  16. I have to say, I actually enjoyed the Death of Superman arc and Knightfall/End as well, I also enjoyed Emerald Twilight and Kyle Rayner.  Were they symptomatic of stunt events?  Absolutely, but we still get stunt events, even today.   But that being said, this issue sure summarized everything that epitomized the 90s comics experience….big heavy guns, characters that were big  on amped up attitudes, hair choices that were best left in the 90s (both Superman and Superboy), etc

  17. @moodsmoothie  Touche!  But I feel that being pro-Wonder Woman is being anti-DC since they don’t do anything to promote her. 

    BTW  this issue was better than I thought it would be.  

  18. This was a nice little trip down memory lane. It was just after these two events that I stopped reading comics. It would be a few years later that I got sucked back in by two books: Sandman and Hellblazer. Great issue!

  19. Frank Quietly and the New Gods, a dream come true 🙂

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