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It starts here! DC Comics proudly presents a ten-part history of the DC Universe spanning five generations of heroes from the dawn of the Mystery Men to present day. In this first exciting issue, the Second World War rages on, giving birth to a new breed of hero. Caped and masked urban myths become legends as they emerge from the shadows to earn their place in history. Meanwhile, explore the bizarre new heroes Dr. Fate and The Spectre and learn whether their powers are real…or imagined.

Join renowned writer Len Wein (SWAMP THING, Incredible Hulk), legendary artist Joe Kubert (SGT. ROCK), his son, the fan-favorite Andy Kubert (BATMAN, X-Men) and J.G. Jones (FINAL CRISIS, 52) as they unearth the DCU’s epic history in this event you won’t want to miss!

Written by LEN WEIN
Variant cover by J.G. JONES

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Damn . . . this is harder than I thought.

    I might check this in collected edition.

  2. So is this supposed to be DC’s answer to The Marvels Project?

  3. Guess I just can’t see not waiting for this in collected form *shrug*.

  4. I wonder how they’ll work around that historical speed bump, "Crisis".  I find this interesting because it sounds like they’re assuming, or ret-coning,  a shared past, despite the fact that these characters existed in different universes originally.  

  5. This sounds really cool–even if they don’t "fix" all the continuity issues, it sounds like it’ll be an interesting story, at least. 😀

  6. woohoo!!  super excited for this. 

  7. I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

  8. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @Slockhart… Yeah. I didn’t want Marvel Projects to end. This will definitely take it’s place on my pull-list.

  9. I love Wein. But I’m not sure if i can spare the money.

  10. You guys write some reviews m’kay!

  11. Wow.  This looks pretty cool. I don’t know much long term history/continuity with the DCU, so I’m open-mined and will at least check this #1 out

  12. Definitely waiting for the collected edition on something like this. 

  13. This won’t be out in hardcover for more then a year.  I think I might just try keeping up on issues this time since I’m still waiting on Superman: Secret Origin to come out and that was only six issues.

  14. Kolins is doing some art in it so i am in for this issue at least

  15. @ctrosejr Any history of the DCU/DC Golden Age adventure story since 1986 has assumed a shared past.

  16. I am on board for this, each issue advertised has looked go to me and that’s up to Augs so I am sold.

  17. The parallels between the two companies right now are so blatant, but despite the fact that this is coming out after Marvel Project and concurrently with Heroic Age, I have more respect and hope for this than I do any of the Heroic Age titles.

  18. @PraxJarvin: Let me state up front that what I know about DC’s history would barely fill a thimble, so this book could tell me almost anything and I probably would not know what’s existing continuity and what’s new. (Long time Marvel Zombie, sorry.) 

     What I really meant from my comment was that, even though everyone now has a shared history, Crisis is (still) a continuity nightmare.  For example, will the heroes in this version of the DC’s history remember the actual events as they were depicted in the Crisis mini-series?  Or, will they only have vague recollections of the event, as was the case (I believe) for most of the last 25 years?  Or, will the opt to skip the subject all together?  Because, if they have a shared history, there would be no reason/need for the Crisis, right?  But, if there was no Crisis, why was Barry Allen gone for all those years?

    I know that DC has attempted to answer /resolve these kinds of questions in the past, with varying levels of success.  Regardless, my point was not about the status quo, or how successful these revisions were.  I was merely stating that I am curious to see how they will handle the Crisis event in THIS version of their history, which I am genuinely looking forward to reading.

  19. Im sceptical about how a story about the life of a normal dude is going to be able to fit in heaps of cameos from heaps of different heroes from different eras. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    And there is the crisis continuity issues on top of that. Personally I dont care about continuity aslong as there is a good story, but seeing as this is going to have continuity nuts goingover it with a fine tooth comb I image that some diificulties are going to pop up.

    If I hear good things about it I may give it a look up.

  20. I read the preview and enjoyed what I saw. The writing seems pretty good and art is excellent.

  21. "This won’t be out in hardcover for more then a year.  I think I might just try keeping up on issues this time since I’m still waiting on Superman: Secret Origin to come out and that was only six issues."

    Well, that’s because the last issue doesn’t come out until July–and the hardcover is coming out in August.  

  22. So? How was it? Did it feel fresh or rehashed?

    I hated Marvels.

  23. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    New. Favorite Comic. 

    Gadzooks! Street toughs!

    This is my jam. On board for all ten of these.  

  24. LOVED THIS!!!!  Way to go Mr. Wein!

  25. I put this off for last because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, and I didn’t…I LOVED IT!!!  I think "The Mystery Men" of the DC are my favorite DC heroes.

  26. This was like a panel to panel visual story telling clinic… solid. 

  27. This was really first-rate, amazing work. Cannot wait for the next nine issues.

  28. In a CGS podcast about The Marvels Project there was conversation about whether the series was partly a test-run to see if an ongoing series telling golden age tales would be supported. Does anyone think, or has anyone heard, that DC’s Legacies may be doing the same perhaps testing different eras? Personally, I’d love to see a series, like the first 90’s Justice Society relaunch, set in the golden age with both well established characters and one’s barely used that are more of a blank slate with only a little history. 


  29. Start to finish, this was awesome. Great writing, great dialogue, interesting characters. This was like stepping back in time without being cheesy. Such detail on the art, in all the stories, just beautifully done. Every panel in this book is full of love – love for the genre, love for the characters, love for the art, you read it and just go – "Wow, this is something special." I’m a big Golden Age DC fan, and I loved this. Kudos to all involved in making this book, I can’t wait for more. Pick of the week hands down.

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