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  1. I’m pretty sure this will either be fantastic or a complete and utter trainwreck.  I’m excited to see which it will be!

  2. I remember reading that this will have the heroes endorsing candidates, so here is my prediction.  Green Arrow will endorse a Democrat and Green Lantern will endorse a Republican.  DC will do the natural cop out and have Batman and Superman stay neutral.  And I’m sure with Winick writing things he won’t allow characters people actually like to be Republicans.  It’ll probably be every hero is a Lefty and Hawkman and Green Lantern the only right-wingers.

  3. Sure the premise sounds terrible, but the writers have me intrigued.

  4. @Kory – So what you’re saying is that no one likes Green Lantern of Hawkman?  Seems like an invalid premise considering the uber-popularity of the former.

  5. Did anyone go to San Diego this year? The cover of one of the booklets had Batman as a democrat donkey and Superman as a republican elephant. I think that sounds pretty accurate.

  6. Boy the media is really pushing this year to get voters arent they? Are they using the real canidates or just using the fake ones like on this cover? If Winick’s recent track record is anything, this will be a trainwreck….Hopefully Green Arrow is in this though, cause him talking about politics is always entertaining.

  7. @conor- My point was that Green Lantern and Hawkman will be the token big names that endorse Republicans so this book does’nt look completely unfair. Other than those two popular characters, most of the heroes endorsing Republicans will be less popular characters.  I realize my post seemed to infer that I did’nt think GL was popular but my point was he will be the ‘big name’ that will take the side of the right and Green Arrow will be the side of the left.  DC won’t have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman take sides.  And if they do, with Winick writing I’m sure I can guess what side they will be taking.

  8. ugh @ Winick. So since he’s writing it we must assume that Lex Luthor is of course a republican, let’s see what other evil super villains will head up the RNC?!

  9. Isn’t this being co-written by Winick and Willingham.  I don’t have the slightest idea of what Bill’s political inclination is, but I assumed he was the Republican part of the writing team to balance out Winick’s obvious Democratic slant.

    And to second a previous posters thought…I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, either on it’s own merits or as an absolute trainwreck.  I’m cool with either one.

  10. Read it and so far it seems like they are playing it safe here.  The only super hero that shows anything as far as political views goes is Green Arrow and we already knew where he stood.  I just hope the next issue shows some other characters views because if it doesnt than this comic has nothing that stands out about it.  It looks like Guy Gardners views will be given at least so there is some hope. 

  11. I’m confused as to why they need to show all the characters political viewpoints or why there needs to be "balance".  I just want a fun story.  So far so good.

  12. @Conor – Because we were told that was the point of this story.  Thats the whole premise of the comic.  It’s like ordering chocolate cake but I getting apple pie.  Sure I like apple pie and all but… thats not what I ordered.

  13. Anyone else get the vibe that Kate McClellan was an allusion to our current Secretary of State.

    I never said there has to be "balance".  I just don’t want another fluff piece on how Republicans are "evil" and Democrats are the ones who "care".  If it goes that way then it’s propaganda and nothing more.

  14. @Kory — On page one is the very spitting image of Rice. Perhaps she is an amalgame of Condi and Katherine Harris and Scott McClellan?

    Could make some people unhappy. McClellan is a traitor, now. 😉

  15. An occasional character with political affiliations is not only fine, it can be a great bit of flavor(G.A. as a "corporate fat-cat-stomper" with Hawkman as his ever vigilant foil), but this whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  

    It’s not like people are neccessarily dying to know where these characters stand; rather, the ones that I’ve met that are, are looking at the whole thing as further validation of their unquestionable righteousness in the face of their political opposite.  Heck, in a book that’s semi-political at it’s core, Captain America, Brubaker artfully dodged this for about two years by keeping Steve Roger’s overt political positions on any modern day issues out of the book and just generally wrote him as a "nice guy" asskicker.  Cap was always too busy with "real" problems to get involved in the petty bickering of the body politic.  

    Sort of a: "Yeah, I’ll get right on that supply side tax credit thing you’re mad about after I deal with the office-worker-nazi-commie-schizophrenic-computerface-megabeard-team!" 

    It seemed to leave everyone satisfied– the ambiguity helped keep the character open to audiences with allegiances on both sides of the aisle.  

     Now, if Willingham and Winnick have some other goal that hasn’t been articulated/exhibited in interviews, reader reviews, and soliciations, then good for them.  But if they are just doing it because it’s election time and everyone seems to have the lines in the sand on their mind these days, to me it just seems inelegant and cheap.  

    @Charliebix:  In interviews for months now, Willingham (a lifelong republican) has said he’s going to be writing for the right wing characters, leaving Winnick to cover the left to establish a "true" voice for both sides.  In fact, the whole thing was Willingham’s idea (originally pitched as a Hawk and Dove series) and Winnick was the only one that was willing to step up and write for the left.  That being said, I loved Barry Ween, but I’d be shocked if Willingham can’t write circles around Winnick.  

    I’ll be keeping my head down and waiting for this series to go away.  I get enough of this sort of thing at the office.   


  16. "Rogers’."  Seriously, Ifanboy.  An edit button.  Seriously.  Sorry for the long comment.  

  17. The average rating for this book is 2.2?? I thought it was pretty good.

    Could some of the people who hated this book explain why? I’m not trying to argue, I’m just curious.

  18. @WadeWilson- I gave it a low rating for a bunch of reasons.  It was the last book in my stack and I was tired and grumpy, and while reading it I was just bored.  I found myself not caring who the person behind the bombings is.  And the part where the aide was selling Brewster to Green Arrow made me roll my eyes.

  19. @CharlieBlix – Told by whom?  Someone said they were going to reveal everyone’s political affiliations?  I find that hard to believe.  The solicitation above certainly doesn’t say that.

  20. And even if we don’t find out EVERYONE’S political affiliation, so what?  We are certainly going to find out some.  But what does it matter to a story about political assassination?

  21. I never said I wanted to see EVERY characters affiliation, I just don’t want to see all the big characters like Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman go liberal and all the conservatives get are Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawk, Guy Gardner and the rest just a bunch of cheesy characters.

  22. @Conor 

    "Bill Willingham

    But the premise is, throughout the series, the heroes will come out and say, "I’m this way politically, or that way ."

    You mean they’re going to declare party affiliations "DCU: Decisions?"




  23. @CharlieBlix – Well, it’s only one issue, dude. Maybe that stuff will come later?

    I’m just curious if you guys didn’t like the book because it wasn’t exactly what you expected or because you just didn’t like the story. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t love it, but I thought it was pretty good (I wasn’t expecting all the heroes to declare if they are left or right wingers) it was just an OK story about trying to stop politicians being assasinated & Ollie not being able to hold himself back! lol. It wasn’t the best comic I read this week but it was VERY far from the worst (Outsiders wins that prize).

  24. @Wade –  I didn’t hate this book.  I gave it a 3.  I too thought it was just okay and part of the reason for that was because without the whole bit about heroes declaring party affiliations this book doesn’t stand out in any way for me.  Thats all.  I have a feeling it will get better but the first issue didn’t bring anything to the table that hasn’t been brought before.

  25. I was surprised by this first issue.  I really enjoyed it and was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.  I’ll stay on for the whole thing and curious where everyone falls.  I also like how there’s  four candidates, which I assume fall as liberal, a moderate on both sides, and conservative.  I do recommend this should at least get looked at before writing it off.

  26. @CharlieBlix – Nowhere in that quote does it say that all of the heroes will takes sides.  And even that doesn’t mean they won’t, as WadeWilson said, it’s only issue one.  Impatience permeates comic book readers.

  27. @Kory – Again, I quesiton your definition of cheesy characters.  I also enjoy how you persecute a book for doing something it hasn’t done yet; for something it MIGHT do.

  28. my LCS didnt have this and i couldnt find it anywhere else…it sucked cuz i was intrested in reading this!!

  29. @conor-Maybe "cheesy" is a bad word, I should have said lesser known characters. My fear was that the big heroes (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) will go left and all the right will get are a bunch of C-Listers and Hal Jordan (who will be the token "popular" character to lean right).  Yes, Hawkman and Guy Gardner are big names that will likely also be on the Republican side, but they are’nt as popular as Batman and Superman.

    And I’m not "persecuting" the book.  I’m was speculating about which direction it might go which is a direction that does’nt interest me.  My fear was that we’ll get a tale that is about how "evil" conservatives are and how "good" liberals are, but now that I know Willingham is a Republican I don’t think it will go the way I thought it would.  But hey sorry, I did’nt know speculation was such a bad thing at ifanboy.  Lesson learned.

  30. @Conor – I’ve not said once that "Every" character needs to show a side I said some.

    "I just hope the next issue shows some other characters views because if it doesnt than this comic has nothing that stands out about it.  It looks like Guy Gardners views will be given at least so there is some hope."

    Thats all I said and some how you’ve turned it into me saying that this book sucks if everyone doesn’t show their political views.  You can also see that I said that there was still hope that they would show more in the next issue.  I was making a statment about THIS issue and that is all. 

  31. @Kory – Speculation is not a problem, complaining about something that hasn’t happened is a problem.


    Me: I’m confused as to why they need to show all the characters political viewpoints or why there needs to be "balance".  I just want a fun story.  So far so good.

    You: Because we were told that was the point of this story.  Thats the whole premise of the comic.  It’s like ordering chocolate cake but I getting apple pie.  Sure I like apple pie and all but… thats not what I ordered.

    Seems like you are expecting it to me.

  32. I was never complaining.  I had an earlier post where I explained why I gave it a low rating that came off as complaining, but since then I have re-read it and I now think it was much better than I first thought.  Maybe I’m a little jaded right now because election season is upon us and I argue with friends and family over politics A LOT right now and this book did’nt come out at the right time for me.  I was in no mood for a another TV show, movie, news show or let alone comic book lecturing me on politics.  But this obviously an assassination story first, and political story second, so I will definitely keep going with it.  Sorry I came off as a troll, I did’nt mean to.  I’ll try harder next time. Forgive me Conor.  🙂

  33. @Conor – Sorry man I thought you were exagerating with the "all" thing.  I don’t know how this turned into such a big deal.  Where did you get this "all" thing to start with?  I’m so lost about who you were complaining about stating that all had to take sides.  The only person who has said that is you!

  34. @CharlieBlix – I’ve already quoted yuour own words back to you, I’m not sure what else I can do.  I said "all" and you said that that was what you were promised.  If that’s not what you meant you should be more precise in your language.

  35. @Conor – The very notion of "all" as meaning every single character in the DCU is outlandish and the fact that you really believed thats what I meant shows that you have no respect for me what so ever.  It’s nice to see that you hold a fan of your show in so low regard.

  36. Wow, a good read but not nearly as entertaining as the posts about the book.

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