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  1. This seems a tad expensive doesn’t it?

  2. I have feeling the 32 page thing is a typo on the DC site, considering the Halloween Special was 80 pages

  3. hope this is better then the marvel one

  4. Cover of thr week right there. Love it.

    Maybe I’ll go get this, cause the talent involved in this is pretty good. Like…..Fred Van Lente? Huh!?

  5. Also take note that Jeff Lemire is involved with this

  6. I’m getting this just to see Lemire do some superheroes.

  7. Ah I take back my previous statement, looks like they changed the page number to 80 from 32. I am looking forward to some holiday heo action! Who am I kidding, 90% of the reason I’m getting this is for Lemire.

  8. @Tex – Man I’ve been waiting for this since I heard Lemire is going to do a superhero one. Is he writing the story too?

  9. Scott Kolins and Jeff Lemire are pull enough to get me to buy this.

  10. I’m going to choose dinner over this.

  11. I’m going to have to give this a look through in the store to see if I’ll purchase. I skipped the Halloween one and my wallet would like for me to skip this one too.

  12. No Jeff Lemire in this one. He had to drop out at the last minute.

  13. @Conor:  I guess this makes the book returnable…

  14. Yeah where was Lemire in this? Another solict lying to us again! Cause the Punisher Noir this week said Bradstreet was the interior artist and he clearly wasnt.

    Either way I did pick this up cause the talent seemed ripped. But it was a soild 3/5 all around. Not the best special ever but it did have some great stories in this. Notably the Lente story with Martian Manhunter and the Tucci Sgt. Rock story. The latter for being absolutely gorgeous while the Lente story makes me want to see him work for DC so badly.

    I don’t know if I can recommend it however with the mixed bag of stories and the price tag.

  15. @Francisco: Yes, it’s returnable.

    @TNC: There is a difference between lying and having incorrect information. A lie is a willfull act. Jeff Lemire was scheduled to have a story in this book and then he had to drop out after the solicitation was written many, many months ago.

  16. @conor: Yeah that was the wrong choice of words. Sorry about that.

    Was Billy Tucci’s Sgt Rock mini any good? Cause that little story by him was absolutely stunning to look at. Where has he been all my life?

  17. I was So bummed out when i couldnt find his story…

    ANyways i thought this collection of stories were better overall compared to the holloween one

  18. Tucci owns. So does Horton.

  19. Between this and Nation X, I’m really starting to hate having anthologies in my stack.  Nothing against the stories but they just seem to take forever to get through.  Part of it’s my fault because, normally after reading a comic, i go do something for a half hour or so, but with an anthology it seems like I do it after every story.  I’ll never get through my stack at this rate.

    Just needed to vent somewhere… 

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